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  1. Hi everyone, I can't seem to get the power off to work with the ctrl+alt+s shortcut when I'm in XBMC. It works when I'm on the desktop. I have it on Windows 8. I had to put a link on the taskbar and use the Windows button + 2 to launch the link. The issue is that when I do it this way upon wakeup the xbmc is no longer selected in the taskbar and the remote no longer controls Xbmc. Does anyone know how to set this up properly?
  2. Solved: Reinstalled the software drivers into windows 8 using zadig. It then detected it again. I upgraded the firmware flawlessly the second time around
  3. Hi I was upgrading the firmware to v6 and the program crashed during the process. Now it says that Flirc is disconnected and I can't re-flash it. What to do? Is it bricked?
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