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  1. Chris!, thanks for your prompt reply. My remote definitely sends continuous signal when held down because my Onkyo amp responds to help down directional buttons with this same remote. I will eagerly wait for the firmware update. To clarify on my 2nd question; Imagine being able to control the mouse with your remote. My generic MCE remote had a button that, when pushed, would allow the mouse cursor to be moved by the directional arrows on the remote. If it were pushed again, the directional arrows on the remote would go back to controlling the keyboard arrow keys. Has anyone been able to get this working with a Flirc remote? Now that I think about it... that kind of control would rely completely on holding down a directional key on the remote to move the mouse cursor... That functionality wouldn't work right now anyways.
  2. I just set up my flirc this week. I'm using the Onkyo remote model RD-570M in DVD mode with XBMC.This is such a fantastic piece of hardware! My only complaint is total failure to recognize when I hold down a directional key. I have worked around the issue by mapping the pgup and pgdown keys to the channel button on my remote. This lets me quickly jump through my list of movies. Is there anything I can do to get 'multipress' to function? Other than that I would like to be able to map a key that could act as a switch between the d-pad controling the arrow keys and the mouse cursor. Something like a 'toggle' key that would allow for my remote d-pad to control the mouse instead of the arrows. Does anyone know of any Win7 functionality that will allow for this?
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