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  1. I am really having a hard time getting flirc to work with my Harmony Elite remote and PS4. I set up the Harmony with the PS4 and when i get into the Amazon or plex app the remote does nothing! I see different posts of getting the fliric to work with the PS4 and the Elite remote and i can not get it set up. I understand i have to manually turn on the PS4 but i want to control it from my harmony once i get into Amazon and Plex Apps. I'm hoping this is possible.I remember a few years ago i had the PS3 and had the first version of the flirc and it was easy to set up. This is giving me fits. I hope someone can give me some good step by step instructions to make all my components work well together.
  2. I keep getting (button already exists) on every other button. I have cleared all configurations and did an update and i can not get through the programming cycle. When i do get some buttons programed i try them on the fire TV and they work sporadically. Sometimes while i am trying to program the remote if i push the fast forward button on my remote then my Firefox browser pops up and opens.
  3. I keep getting "Stopped recording" or command already exists on the key i want to program. I have forced and update and reset the remote to factory new and it still is happening.
  4. Will the Gbox MX2 work with flirc to watch xbmc?
  5. It was a problem with my RF receiver. Thanks for the help
  6. I have 2 mx-850 remotes 1 upstairs and 1 downstairs. I have 2 htpc in the same rack, in the basement with a flirc in each one. then i have an IR emitter on each flirc matching the IR output from the rf reciever.This means the signal is sent RF to the emitter which is covered up as to not spray amd IR signals to the other htpc.But i can use either remote for either htpc. This should not be possibe. Any Ideas?
  7. Does it take a long time Also does it take a long time for the pc to come out of sleep? It goes to sleep very fast.
  8. My remote will only put my pc in sleep stage, but will not wake it up. Is there anything else i can try.I hit ctrl-alt-s on the keyboard it wakes up
  9. Yes it is the same remote. I progaramed the remote in the learning mode facing each other.
  10. I set my first Mx-850 up with the flirc. Then i took the second MX-850 and copied the commands from the 1st one. All functions work except fast forward and rewind.Fast forward works great on the first MX-850 and does not on the 2 MX-850. Am i doing something wrong?
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