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  1. It's a bug in the Windows version, will be fixed very soon, see (one of) the latest posts in the topic below...
  2. Software can be downloaded directly from http://flirc.tv/products/skip1s-remote go to download.
  3. I'm a customer that is very happy with the way it is now. Activity A, B and C just switching between activities and nothing more.
  4. Personally I found € 9,90 a reasonable price, had no problems paying that. I guess import taxes are normal if you buy something outside the EU.
  5. Hi, I'm also from Europe Belgium. Two weeks after I received my remote I got a letter from FedEx to pay € 9,90 additional import taxes.
  6. It just happened again, I pressed power, no response from the remote, after that i pressed activity A, again no response, then attached the remote to the computer and downloaded the logs, attached to this message. Edit: after i downloaded the remotes logs, the remote worked normally when connected to the computer, after disconnecting the remote from the computer the remote continued not responding, I then replaced the batteries and the remote again worked normally. I then realized... maybe the occasionally remote is not responding is an indication of an almost empty battery? Perhaps a good idea to have a battery indication ? Just a wild thought to a battery indication. Press color wheel + center button = send the action to this combo + light up the 4 wheel leds = full battery, light up 1 of the 4 led = low battery, color can be the personal color. flirc-remote-control20230219.log
  7. I just downloaded 0.9.6, the led settings are grayed out, but it is possible to change the values with the mouse. Is it safe to change these values and sync with the remote? The remote has firmware 4.12.10
  8. Yes i did that, pressed several buttons to get it work again and then downloaded the logs. If it happens again what is the best action to do, again press several buttons to get it work again and download the logs. Or immediate downloading the logs if it happens? I also have to mention I'm experiencing it not that often, definitely not daily.
  9. After i noticed the remote wasn't responding for about 10 seconds, i then downloaded the remotes log... maybe you can analyse and find an error why it stopped responding for a few seconds. I'm using firmware 4.12.10 flirc-remote-control20230217.log
  10. It would be a great addition if it would be possible to manually set the timeout when color wheel mode is active, with the options to choose from 1 to 8s. + the option to leave color wheel mode directly after pressing a button in color wheel mode. Now when you press the color wheel it is active for about 8s., I can leave it faster by another press on the color wheel mode but that feels not so intuitive. I guess most of the time people will only use one, two or three button presses at a time when in color wheel mode, personally I use maximum 3.
  11. Maybe a possibility to add a 10% or 5% brightness option, or just let users enter they desired percentage freely? That way there is more power for the ir transmitter, totally turning off the LEDs is not so interesting in my honest opinion as it is very handy to see what profile is active pressing a button.
  12. I'm now also using v4.12.10, no problems detected so far.
  13. Maybe it's a possibility to view the remotes color by pressing left and right the same time or activity a+c the same time, or some other combination (in normal mode, not color wheel mode, personally I don't need to see the remotes color, because I only have one) that way the center button is back available to use in color wheel mode. Another possibility is to leave it as it is but also send the code assigned to the center button in color wheel mode. Just brainstorming ;-)
  14. Brightness is currently set to 25% in skipapp and synced with the remote, the remote works normal for me now, no problems scrolling through items or other things. If the remote should go idle again I will try to hook it up to the computer and download the log.
  15. I'm using the color wheel mode frequently, I've assigned extra remote functions to all color wheel mode places, very useful. Sometimes it happens that i press color wheel and then press up to three times a button while in color mode.
  16. I'm experiencing that also but not as frequent as you mentioned. From time to time my remote goes idle and if that happens the remote is unusable for a few seconds. After that the remote is back normal to use.
  17. Thanks for firmware 4.12.9 seems to be ok for now. Again in skipapp i set brightness to 25% and led timeout to 1s. but i don't see that on the remote, leds or on for 3s @ full brightness (but in my opion this is a minor thing) Another minor weird something... pressing activity C and then directly pressing acitivity A keeps the led activity C glowing for 3s, while all other combinations directly dims the previous pressed activity led. But remember 4.12.9 seems to be very much better then 4.12.6 and definitely better then 4.12.8 for me. Keep up the good work !!
  18. Have you tried downgrading afterwords?
  19. after the remote stopped working i then downloaded the remote logs in the skip app BUSY <1>malloc_addblock(49): Heap Block: 0x20002F00 - 0x20007BFF (19k) <3>tc_capture_init(163): need to specify tc_capture hw <3>init_modules(443): Module Load Error: &module = 0x0000F5B4 <3>ir_capture _init(191): need to specify tc_capture hw <3>init_modules(443): Module Load Error: &module = 0x0000F3D4 <3>ir_hashtable_init(731): module missing hw <3>init_modules(443): Module Load Error: &modul e = 0x0000F434 <3>setup_cache(272): no config <1>default_handler(147): Home pressed <1>default_handler(147): Home released <3>setup_cache(272): no config <3>recache_profile(135): profile is no l onger present maybe you have something with this log ? I hope it will be possible to fix this very soon as for now it is not possible to use it.
  20. Upgraded to 4.12.8 with success, then opened the skipapp, changed the led timeout and brightness and synced. Buttons are then much more responsive, led timeout and brightness didn't changed with new fimware. But then... after a few minutes, maybe five it wasn't possible anymore to use the remote, i could still press activity a, b or c and saw the light glowing up when pressing, but none of the remote keys are working anymore, pressing the color button activited the ring color in many different ways, but still no way of using the remote anymore. Connecting back the remote to the skipapp resolved the problem temporarly, and again after a few minutes it is again not possible to use the remote. I then tried to downgrade the firmware back to 4.12.6 but got the message it failed, now i cannot use the remote anymore it always enter a non useable state after a few minutes after disconnecting the remote from the computer, while connected with the computer it it useable for a longer period, so sad :'(
  21. I used a USB-A to USB-C cable from a Samsung power adaptor and had no problems connecting. Maybe you have a connection problem originating from the skip app itself like some other people have, see other forum topic skip app 0.9.4. They are working day and night to resolve this problem.
  22. I'm also experiencing just the same with my Telenet cable box, no problems with my Philips TV.
  23. Just an idea... Wouldn't it be easier to have a Skip app in the Google Play Store & Apple App Store? Maybe that way you could bypass the Windows/Mac problems some users have? Personally I would find it more practically to connect the remote with the usb-c cable to my smartphone or tablet. A tablet has also the advantage of a bigger screen, much more the same experience like on a computer/laptop. Otherwise I'm very very happy with my remote!
  24. The main reason I asked if it's a problem that the date isn't format correctly and I cannot see the serial number is because I would very much like to receive future firmware updates for my remote. And perhaps if the app can't read my serial number it wouldn't be able to upgrade the firmware in the future?
  25. The log you asked... these are from yesterday and today. flirc20230117.log flirc20230118.log
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