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  1. Thank you for looking at this and have just signed up. Thanks again
  2. Hi, Glad to see things are happening here, and fully understand having delays especially with Jason's health (hopefully all is ok now). I saw the recent Kickstarter email out, was the first I heard there was a new version of the app / firmware released as basically my units are sitting in their boxes waiting for future changes.......so leads onto the question. When there is a new release of either firmware or app, is it possible to get a change log published at that time, just so we know if this is an update we can help support and test. Also is there any way we can get an alert email for this. The hardware overall is nice, but I can't use them until the software catches up unfortunately. And if there is any information that can be shared as to what the order of updates to come is would be useful as well. (I can safely say exporting configurations to a live drive directory is still broken, still resets the app, with no data saved).
  3. Just wanted to report back on this, tried a download again today, Norton has finally learned and doesn't complain or think there are any risks.
  4. Just going to bump this, I did try my other setup to convert the codes via my IR rig that produces pronto codes, but there is something really odd with them and most just don't work. So guessing this is a Toshiba remote issue, if there is further info you need, happy to help find it, if it helps with the understanding of the unit, and getting something working.
  5. Again this was just a suggestion to make life easy for all. Yes you can screen copy, but then you have to find it, crop it (hopefully people will), and then uploaded vs Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V to copy the text and paste it into a post, and also lighter overall footprint of support.
  6. And this isn't my first look at other learning remotes, and I hate that they push this view that you must do something one way. Harmony at least let you remove/don't use the power button. It gave flexibility to manage multiple devices at with a single remote. So given the void that the loss of harmony will cause in the remote market, anyone that can pickup their good practises, and do it better will have a huge money spinner. So I'm glad to hear making this possible is on the cards. We did drift from the root suggestion, which is around the play/pause single key, and what to do when you have a two different codes to do that action (while the suggestion to use another key is possible... there are none suitable that are close by to use). So I really look forward to seeing a solution.
  7. Well I just described a situation that happens, so err yes its really happening (and yes it was the right remote that was getting edited that was connected). So yes I guess then this is a bug as has been around for a few version. But the suggestion was beyond a specific bug, and was just suggesting to have the button available to sync as long as the right remote is connected (even if the code suggests the remote might be the same as what's present in the editor). The why is that as has been mentioned before by Jason, that USB is a pain, there are just so many ways it can be weird, then multiple this level of weird with Windows, Mac and Linux (in the future). Just having the option always present when a remote is connected will just make everyone life easier.
  8. If its purely an app UI design issue, then would be really worth thinking about this, as more options is useful especially with macros. And this will move away from the question, a little, while the UI does looks great, and its nice and clean. I would say there is a lot of white space that pads out the app especially around the remote. I'd love it that the overall window was resizable or could be maximised (a different topic). The tool tips for me, would be the place to look for space. Perhaps that needs to be reworked, maybe have its own menu option, optional or even as a separate pop up window vs on screen all the time when you are editing. It has reducing benefits to being on screen the longer you use the app, so optional in some form, would be good. So perhaps move the remote over a bit and have a smaller right side menu and maybe make it consistent in all modes on screen (e.g. the cog wheel tools option, the whole panel goes away, a tool tip here would still be useful, under settings its different again). I'm not a UI expert, but the flows between the screens doesn't flow as naturally to me, as it could. For me at least (and I may well be the minority here), having a consistent app, with less animation and a "common" frame work used in all screens would be nice. I like the idea of a single menu bar across the top (move the about tab up to the top right for example), leaving the connection status and sync on the button on the bottom makes sense. Of course this all might just be limits with the software this is all coded in, but could always look at Google or Apple's designs, they spent millions on trying to get his right (well as right as they feel they are!!!). And as people are use to their designs (rightly or wrongly) for mass appeal its worth a look to see what can be borrowed. I know its a small team and changes could take a while if at all, so I'm just throwing in ideas and see if anything sticks. I do hope it helps.
  9. So then you are telling everyone who wants help to enable the admin tab first, even though you have defaulted it off by default, because it can cause issues...I did ask if this could be on by default and was told no... so... Just thinking that to make support a little easier (now and going forward in future full versions), being able to copy screen info, so we can paste it into a forum would just be useful.
  10. A second button for play and pause, isn't great solution, and maybe its design question for Skip2. I don't know how many devices use one code vs two codes for these actions. But leaving the future etc to one side. You mention long press elsewhere, this might help be an alternative option and while still not as natural might help with the play/pause question. Personally this would be a work around, but would be far better than assigning a totally different key else where on the remote, to be able to pause (sorry while it works, its not a fix - there is a play/pause button it needs to do that some how in the near future). But you have the code in place on the power button to allow an On/Off state, would it not be possible to extend that to Play/Pause. I hope this is coming over as helping, vs sticking to a point, in an ideal situation, anyone should be able to pick one of these remotes and not need to know how it's setup, be told how to use and and should be able to assume what a button does. Like activities, coming from a Harmony world, it was easy to say press DVD and the remote does it all. I see the power button as something you use to start the day with and then end it. Here having to press an Activity then the power button to run a macro to set things up doesn't feel as natural.
  11. You have all this buttons doing nothing with the stream key active, that it might be an easy option for somethings that might be off normal use. I'd see it useful for climate IR controls, or manual Input selections for hdmi channels, stuff you want a set away from regular use. The Long press is interesting, and may answer another of my questions (I'll comment on that). It would be cool to have both long press in normal mode, and opening up the stream keys beyond the direction pad, because that just gives everyone more options. But understand there might be memory limits to what the remote can actually support.
  12. Ok so I just fired up the app, plugged in the remote, and the "Synced" button is ticked and grayed out. I cannot tell it to sync. The example I keep hitting is when I fine tune something, e.g I fired up the app, made a changed to how often a code is repeated, from 1 to 3, then plugged in the remote, and I cannot sync. Change it back from 3 to 1, still nothing, now change it from 1 to 3 (with the remote plugged in) only then can I sync the change. So maybe there is some version checking on the remotes code, in the app that's not firing the button to ungray itself. And maybe this needs fixing, to show when a change needs to be sync'd. My request was just to have the option to do a manual sync even if everything appears the same. Happy to go into further detail of log if that's needed to see why it's not offering a sync when a change is made.
  13. Ah.... I thought that delay was related to the repeat option.... I was expecting a delay between commands, to be just that something you drag across between actions. So there is no way to control how quickly a signal repeats then.... Thanks for confirm how to do it currently.
  14. That would be a start but how do you get those options to appear. I'm on the latest (Windows) version, so slightly confused.
  15. As promised I dug out and re-setup an esp8266 with an IR receiver. That setup happily picked up the remote, and gave me the pronto codes for it. Then with a copy of the Manhattan file you created as a template, created the attached file. I don't know all the coding options so I've stuck this into Misc group. I also initially noted the file didn't import, and then when I checked it was due to the oddities when the codes were captured, reduced it to one key, slowly adding each until I found the failed one. If this import process is to hang around, maybe more error reporting would be useful (e.g. button code X invalid for example). When added to the remote, and sure most people with these will know, the Light adjustment is odd, the icons suggest low/high, but mine seem to be one button for light on/off and the other just adjusts the level, if you keep pressing very very slowly adjusts the lights brightness level from Max to Min and back to Max. Not sure if there is a long/held press option coming, but this is an example of where it would be useful. All that said it controls the fan speeds perfectly, lights do adjust. Now just going to ponder how to add that to the remotes in a format I can remember (if we can expand the buttons available when you use of the colour dial or something else would be useful for climate options) I hope this is useful to the community. Westinghouse Light Fan ID6.json
  16. The Westinghouse ID 6 remotes they used for their ceiling lights/fans. Just when you try to capture the codes it comes back with "too many edges" in the flirc debug screen, with I suspect partial information. The Logitech Harmony's do somehow support this, but I remember trying to do this a while back, to deal with another issue I had with one fan, and using an Esp I ran into an issue with the protocol used - "Symphony", and after much searching did find a feature request on the esphome site. https://github.com/esphome/feature-requests/issues/1633 I suspect its not something that can added (at this time at least), but just asking if there are any options with this that you know of? Are there any suggestions or options with the flirc hardware to try to capture the full codes, if so please let me know either way. Happy to do what I can to help produce a working codes. I can also re-setup the ESP-IR rig I had, and try to see if I can capture the raw codes again over the weekend and post them next week in case they are useful. Thanks,
  17. I think I've tried all of the Toshiba remotes in the app (apologies if I missed one), but can't find one that matches the Toshiba CT-90326 Remote and is used on the Toshiba 19EL833B. So I have scanned in the codes on the off chance there is time to try converting the codes for input. Hopefully this is useful for other people as well. Thanks an advance appreciate there is a lot going on. Toshiba CT-90326.txt
  18. Ah that explains it I just thought I had a missing setting. Sounds like a useful tool and assume part of the learning tools to come later. Nice work.
  19. That works perfectly, all the codes work, as expected. Thank you. I wish I knew what you were doing to massage the data in IrScruntinizer, as I've never been able to replicate the codes you produce from the same scanned codes. But what ever it is. It works great. Thank you again.
  20. Not sure this helps, but found this in the event viewer.... (I so wish this was a linux I hate the event viewer). ----------- Faulting application name: SkipApp.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x642744b3 Faulting module name: twinapi.appcore.dll, version: 10.0.22621.755, time stamp: 0x29c0c66b Exception code: 0xc000027b Fault offset: 0x000000000010c85e Faulting process ID: 0x0x5678 Faulting application start time: 0x0x1D967D31F6805F9 Faulting application path: C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\SkipApp_0.9.72.5855_x64__sddpyax1dmvqm\SkipApp.exe Faulting module path: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\twinapi.appcore.dll Report ID: 5bb5fc8c-2b02-468e-a874-b2fab81b64ba Faulting package full name: SkipApp_0.9.72.5855_x64__sddpyax1dmvqm Faulting package-relative application ID: App ----------- If you can't reproduce the error let me know, and I'll try and dig a little deeper here
  21. With the export of the remote configuration. Its a good way to share the configuration between machines. What's odd is windows 10 is ok, doesn't mind you exporting to a OneDrive. Likewise exporting on Windows 11, to a non OneDrive directory. The worst part is how it just killed the application stone dead, without letting it write a log.
  22. Promise last idea for the day (hopefully). When creating a power up macro, there are times it would be nice to wait for x seconds before doing the next step. The example would be a tv that takes 20 seconds to power up, then select the desired hdmi input.
  23. I suspect this is an easy one, currently you can assign a remote code, to only 3 buttons? Can this be more? Why a limit? It's rare I agree, but if you were wanting to reset an activity start and finish with "Menu home" of a device, but that's also used in two places elsewhere on the remote you cant (The example of this is the roku, by default the wizard assigns home to the Home and List buttons on the skip).
  24. Still having issues saving to OneDrive directories on Windows 11 Pro. App just stops writes nothing to the logs or the file. (I did provide logs about this in a previous release).
  25. I was just logging a possible problem with a remote, and wanted to share the version of firmware etc and I had to either screen shot/crop and post an image or manually type the info (with possible typo's). So is it possible to make any useful information, you'd want, when we log a problem, something we can highlight/copy to make it easier for us to post details.
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