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  1. As far I know, @Jason hasn't created a Windows Media Center profile in Harmony for Flirc. Not sure why. I have configured using the Kodi profile but it has bugs and Jason doesn't fix them. Not sure why...
  2. You can use whatever button in any Device you activate in your Harmony profile (that's not used in your own equipment). Problem is to remember how you mapped the buttons, especially if you rename them or the original name is different from the function used in Kodi. Therefore it's great Jason created the Flirc profile for Kodi but sad he doesn't have time to fix the errors.
  3. Which device are you using in the Harmony config and which button do you try to use? If you use flirc as device there is no "Toggle subtittles" button (at least not in my config). Some buttons in the Flirc device for Kodi doesn't have a proper IR-code and doesn't send anything, this is a known bug. Look in below thread, I have documented all keys. After writing the post I learned that some of the problems with wrong keymap is due to I use Swedish keyboard. Those keys must be re-mapped manually and therefore not a bug in firmware nor in the Harmony device profile.
  4. If you place your Wifi router close to the case you would always get a great signal... In the Youtube video Nate never said anything about the environment so I would not rely on his statement. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2z5UHCeu6o It would be interesting if someone did a technical test to see how the signal quality differs with and without the case.
  5. Do you mean the button "NextSubtitle" for the flirc Kodi device in Harmony? if yes, it works for me, it responds with a "l".
  6. I also use Swedish keymap and I has also been through this... I understand it's difficult to provide all local keymaps in the GUI, however, at least there could be a warning in the GUI and some text describing the workaround in the help file. The product is sold word wide and it shouldn't be a big thing to include in the next release. For others reading this thread, you don't need to inactive the native Kodi profile in the flirc client, just re-program the keys that doesn't work and they will overwrite the specific keymap in firmware, rest will work as before.
  7. If there is any key that doesn't work when using the native Kodi profile, try to re-program the specific button using the flirc client.
  8. Is there release notes somewhere for the v3.8 firmware? For example, is any of the wrong/missing codes/key maps for native Kodi fixed?
  9. I don't agree... :-) There is several buttons that is mapped with the completly wrong keymap in the firmware, for example those below. I can't see that the wrong codes depends on the keyboard language setting. @yawor, do you mean those are correct and is working? First of all I believe the keys mapped as standard by Kodi.org should also be default in the native profile. If someone want to change to something else they can easily do as described above. Source:http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Keyboard Examples of wrong keymapps: PowerOff Ctrl+F12 SubtitleDelay F4 AudioDelay F3 BigStepBack Down BigStepForward Up Red Shift+Ctrl+R Green Shift+Ctrl+G Yellow Shift+Ctrl+Y Blue Shift+Ctrl+B Rewind ? SkipBack R Play Ctrl+P FastForward ? SkipForward F Here is some buttons missing in the flirc Harmony profile, they need to be added in both the Harmony database with new IR-codes and in flirc FW: TV Channels TV Recordings TV Timers Top Bottom Delete Menu Exit Guide Channel Up Channel Down Prev <-- Record Plus Enter Am I the only one missing correction of above wrong codes and addition of the missing??
  10. If you don't have a English keyboard configured in Windows the native keys in flirc firmware could be wrong for you. Reason is that they point to the physical postion of they keys on your keyboard and simulates it. If the used keyboard differs from standard English keyboard the wrong key is sent. Just do as suggested, program the not working keys manually and it should work :-)
  11. Have you cleared/ereased both buttons in the flirc GUI and tried to assign them again?
  12. Best way to test if it should work is to first connect a standard USB keyboard to your PS4 and tryout the functions. If it works with the keyboard it will probably work with Flirc.
  13. Interesting idea, but why not just use an IR Extender?
  14. I have the same case and has remapped some of the Flirc keys in Harmony to the more important and missing key codes. For example flirc key "AudioDelay-" is mapped to the Harmony key "Record". Then I have also manually added the WMC key "Ctrl+R" in the flirc config software. I have done the same thing for keys like Menu, Exit, Guide etc. However, it's a nightmare to troubleshoot something later when you forgot how you did the mapping (I keep it in Excel). Yawor, I think you miss the point how great the combination built-in native flirc profiles and Harmony are. Only problem is that the current profiles miss important keys and has some errors. Fix this and life would easier for many of us users.
  15. This statement is not fair, the Kodi developers hasn't changed the keymappings since November 2011. Source: https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/blob/Eden/system/keymaps/keyboard.xml Please, fix the bugs in the Native profile for Harmony remotes and it would make the life easier for many of us.
  16. I never had this kind of problems with flirc and are using a similar setup (but with Win 7 as Win 8.1 sucks...) Have you verified if the keypresses are recongized in any other program when it stops working in Kodi? For troubleshooting you could install Eventghost and track all keypresses (using log all events)
  17. I tested and I get the exact same result with latest RC1. I'm using Win7 64-bit.
  18. Please, get focus straight and take a decision to either remove the flirc Natvie Kodi profile in Harmony, or update it on the Harmony side as well as in the firmware. This is a joke as it is now and nothing happens, I have actually offered me to help out if possible - no response what so ever. Regarding your last question; it's actualy Jason who has set it up as this in Harmony, don't blame me. However, I think it's the right choice of button to map.
  19. I have a Win 8.1 PC with WMC and a Flirc with v0.96 (fw 255) running for a couple of year. It's located 4 hours from me but I use VNC over broadband to remote control thing. It's used by my parents. Because of endless with issues with Win 8.x and will temporary take their Win 7 desktop pc and use it for WMC. I must get flirc working in the Win 7 PC 32-bit but without upgrading to latest flirc versions and without config changes in the flirc Can I simply install the v0.96 from homepage on my Win 7 PC? I did a quick trial but so far I can't get it running (not recognized in flirc GUI). When switching back to Win 8it works as before. Is it something wrong with the 0,96 version on homepage when using with Win 7? Appreciate any help because I have ditched my parents TV for now...
  20. You Admins, shall I understand that it's very difficult or time consuming to fix those small corrections in the firmware?! I understand it take a little more time to add the requested missing buttons, but to fix the incorrect ones in fw can't be very hard. For example it can't be hard to adjust the fw for following codes to the correct one. I have the complete list in my previous post and if some one of you other guys double check if my list are in line with the official info from the Kodi-team, then it should be very easy for Jason to adjust in next fw release. Function Wrong Correct Up Arrow Up PageUp Down Arrow Down PageDown Volume Down Oemplus - (minus) Volume Up Skift+Oem4 + (plus) Skip Back |<< R , (comma) Play > Ctrl+P P Skip Forward >>| F . (period) Does anyone know what's needed to update the Harmony profile and how the process look likes? Please, no more bad excuses, instead focus on how we can help Jason making it easier for him to get this done (or if we can do it for him by for example the Harmony profile).
  21. I'm using fw 3.1, do you say the wrong codes are fixed in recent firmware?
  22. It must be something wrong with the hardware in your Flirc. I'm using v3.1 in Windows 7 and has no problem connecting Ctrl+P for Pause. As remote I have Harmony One with Flirc XBMC profile (I have remapped several of the buttons). Ctrl+B etc works also well. In EventGhost I get: Keyboard.Ctrl Keyboard.Ctrl+P
  23. Jason, could you please give some feedback if you 1) have any plans to fix the errors in the XBMC-profile; 2) are you considering a WMC profile as well as requested many times? I have no idea how it works creating and updating Harmony profiles, is it very difficult?
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