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  1. Jason posted a couple days ago that the newest firmware does not fix the WMC issues. He's going to focus on that now. You are definitely getting the ALT key stuck. I noticed if I bound ALT+F4, it would get stuck and the only way to fix it would be to unplug the FLIRC. I was hoping that the stuck ALT key would be fixed in the newest firmware, but it doesn't like like that is the case.
  2. I'm not sure why are are getting bad remotes, but this one is one of the most common ones used in HTPCs. It was a toss up between getting the FLIRC and one of these for me. http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Genuine-HP-USB-Microsoft-MCE-Media-center-IR-HP-Remote-Control-RC6-Kit-/251091709227?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3a763b6d2b
  3. PM sent a couple days ago. Let me know if you have issues sending via paypal. Let me know what to try next.
  4. This was ordered through Amazon, so not sure how you could issue a refund. I created an RMA but have the option to cancel it. FLIRC USB Dongle for Media Centre / Raspberry Pi / XBMC Sold by: Flirc Inc.
  5. After having trouble with a Cox cable box emulated remote on my Harmony, I gave this one last try on my laptop which happens to have a fresh build of windows 7 and a real TiVo remote. I was unable to get even Alt-F4 to work without the unit freaking out and getting stuck in repeat mode. The launch WMC function seemed to work, but simple stuff like play and skip did not. I installed event ghost and "Ctrl+P" bound for "play" registered just "Ctrl". Sadly I'll have to return this unit as it doesn't seem to work right for even simple keystrokes.
  6. I have tried the FLIRC Harmony profile, a standard Microsoft MCE Keyboard, HP multimedia remote, and the TiVo. I haven't tried just picking a random device yet. I can try that next, however I am confused why I could not revert back to getting the TiVo remote to work. I tried forcing a firmware upgrade again, clearing the configurations, but still no luck. I'll try to emulate another remote tomorrow, it is a bit late for me to get started on that tonight. I'm willing to put in a little more time before returning it. By the way it was fulfilled by Amazon with FLIRC as the seller, so I think I'd have to send it back through them.
  7. I am logging events in EventGhost. I consider myself a fairly advanced user and am frustrated with how touchy this device is. I managed to get just about everything working right using my old TiVo remote (skips, etc, launching). I used interkey delay of 3 and only had sequence modifiers checked.I programmed my Harmony ONE to emulate a TiVo remote and could not reproduce the functionality. I went back to the TiVo remote again to try and set it up once more and am unable to get something as simple as CTRL+P to record and replay. The GUI shows a successful read of the remote button, but when I press the button again, AI get the following in EventGhost] Keyboard.LCtrl+U00 Keyboard.U00 The P apparently is getting missed. I also noticed when trying to bind ALT+F4 to a button, the ALT would get stuck permanently. The only way I can type anything even on my other keyboard was to remote the FLIRC and plug it back in. I've rebooted 3 times, with no luck. I must have at least 5 hours into fiddling with this right now and I"m about to give up. Just for the heck of it I tried a couple more buttons and I can now bind "ctrl+f" for skip forward, but am unable to bind ctrl+b (back) or ctrl+p(play/pause)
  8. Any more ideas? If I can't get this working I'll have to return it :(
  9. I was sure I tried that, so gave it another go. Here are my results. cleared config, select sequence modifiers.. bound "play" -- interkey delay 3, harmony delay 0 tap once Keyboard.LCtrl Keyboard.LShift+LCtrl Keyboard.LShift+LCtrl+8 Keyboard.LShift+LCtrl Keyboard.LShift tap again Keyboard.LShift Keyboard.LShift+LAlt Keyboard.LShift+RShift+LAlt Keyboard.LShift+RShift+LAlt+RAlt Keyboard.RShift+LAlt+RAlt Keyboard.RShift+RAlt Keyboard.RAlt Cleared config again, set sequence modifiers - Tivo remote -- bound "play" press button 2 times Keyboard.LCtrl Keyboard.LShift+LCtrl Keyboard.LShift+LCtrl+8 Keyboard.LShift+LCtrl Keyboard.LShift Keyboard.LCtrl Keyboard.LShift+LCtrl Keyboard.LShift+LCtrl+8 Keyboard.LShift+LCtrl Keyboard.LShift Why should the same button recorded on 2 different remotes end up with 2 different outputs?
  10. I had just about everything working right on my HTPC using a Tivo Liquid PC IR receiver (sold by Nero several years ago). Unfortunately My volume down button on my AVR was the same IR signal as Mute on the PC. I had a workaround working OK with LM Remote Keymap to intercept the mute and bypass it, but recently that stopped working when my HTPC went into suspend mode. I was in the market for one of those HP IR receivers commonly used for Harmony remotes to connect with, when I saw this product. I figured it was worth the extra cost for the increased functionality. I don't know if I made the right decision though. Out of the box NOTHING worked right for Windows Media Center. I disconnected my old IR receiver and figured based on the product description that I could just use any remote to do custom commands. This seemed to work somewhat for arrow keys and enter, but none of the play, pause, stop, skip forward/backward, rewind/fast forward ever worked. I tried upgrading to the latest firmware and that didn't solve the issue. I thought maybe my Harmony remote wasn't working right, so tried my AVR remote buttons and the old Tivo Remote and have the same issue. I have tried using the WMC profile (mapping the functions to remote buttons) and none of them work. If I try the Full Keyboard (mapping the manual keyboard shortcuts) profile, something as simple as pausing works oddly. Here is an eventghost log of two "pause" (ctrl+p) mapping pushes Click Ctrl, then P, pressed the button on my remote -- appears to record OK. First push: Keyboard.LShift Keyboard.LShift+LAlt Keyboard.LShift+RShift+LAlt Keyboard.LShift+RShift+LAlt+RAlt Keyboard.RShift+LAlt+RAlt Keyboard.RShift+RAlt Keyboard.RAlt Second push: Keyboard.LCtrl Keyboard.LCtrl+P Keyboard.P This is after clearing the entire configuration. Things like numbers, arrow keys, spaces seem to work OK. Anything more complicated and it doesn't seem to work. I also need to get the skip forward and skip backward working (not the fast forward/backward) or else this unit will have to be returned. I'm not sure exactly what information you guys need to help me out on this. I've went from a minor annoyance when waking my pc from suspend, to something that barely works at all. Remotes tried: Harmony One RX-V867 Yamaha remote Nero LiquidTV (Tivo remote) I'm running the latest GUI and forced firmware upgrade. Could I have a defective unit?
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