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  1. Just wondering if there are plans to update the Harmony Profile to support the main XBMC keyboard shortcuts? http://kodi.wiki/view/Keyboard_controls Of the keys I use regularly, Esc isn't present in the profile and PageUp/PageDown don't seem to work. They appear to be mapped to a simple Up/Down (arrows), and don't actually send a pageup/pagedown. Thanks!
  2. Any update on when/if these changes will be made to the Harmony profile? It's a real pain to not have Escape mapped.
  3. Just wanted to report back that I've been using a 6' usb extension cable to test putting the Flirc in different places. Everytime I think it is acting normally, it doesn't take long to start receiving phantom "Enter" keypresses. I leave a Notepad window open to see what it's doing. One weird thing I noticed is that if I rub the Flirc between my fingers the cursor jumps around like crazy. When I stop, the cursor stops moving. What could cause that, static electricity?
  4. Just checking back in...it sounded a couple of weeks ago like a firmware update was imminent.
  5. Jason, any chance you would consider adding Tapatalk support for the forum here at Flirc.tv? It would be great for us mobile viewers...thanks! http://www.tapatalk.com/activate_tapatalk.php?plugin=ipb
  6. Any update on when the new firmware will be posted? It's been painful using my keyboard instead of my remote the past week or two.
  7. Did a little more testing in Notepad. It's sending the Enter key on average once per second. Some are slower, but then there will be a burst of several key presses. The computer is not very usable like this, I have to unplug the flirc to get anything done.
  8. I went back to the computer that is working with flirc and reset everything from scratch. Confirmed it was working and the keys were programmed correctly using Notepad. Plugged the flirc back into the problem computer. Things are working better, it's not going completely crazy with non-stop phantom keypresses. But I tested it in Notepad and it was sometimes giving me multiple keypresses when I pushed a remote button once. So I adjusted my Windows keyboard settings and that seemed to help with this problem. The Enter key is still being sent periodically, however. I tried setting the interkey delay using the CLI, but couldn't even do that because it sends the Enter key before I can type the command. Is there any way to narrow down what is sending the Enter command? EDIT: Adjusting the Windows keyboard setting didn't help with multiple key presses. It is still randomly sending multiple key presses when I press the remote button once.
  9. No, it doesn't seem to. I've got the same Windows 8 drivers installed using zadig on both computers. It was working fine on the problem computer for months, just started having a problem last night after trying to reprogram a few keys.
  10. I'm having the same problem with constant phantom keypresses when the flirc is plugged in. Like other users, it happens even when taking the batteries out of the remote. I'm running Windows 8 and I have a Harmony 300 remote. Everything was working fine until I tried to program a few keys last night. Here's what I've tried so far, with no success: Moved the flirc to a different usb port.Moved the flirc away from the computer with a 6' usb extension cable.Tried using the flirc at night/day, with room lights on/off.Tried running the GUI and pressing DEL to remove the problem keypresses.Tried clearing the configuration in the GUI, although I can no longer even do that because I can't access the dialog box with all of the phantom keypresses.Tried plugging the flirc into another computer, cleared the configuration, updated the firmware to v256. Nothing has worked, the computer is completely unusable whenever the flirc is plugged in. I have to unplug the flirc just to be able to log on to the computer since I can't get past the password entry screen. Please help!
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