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  1. You can, just don't use the wakeup key. Make sure suspend detect is enabled in advanced settings. Every button will wake the machine up (other than the wake key). This will be addressed soon.
  2. the gui is in the path, so you can do: sudo Flirc in a terminal and that should work or gksudo
  3. My pleasure, now go flirc yourself!
  4. Okay great. It will work, I promise. I haven't found an elegant solution to solve this yet, I'm still thinking about it. With my new algorithm I can detect when a remote will have this problem now, but I can't yet predict what the second button press is going to look like. I'll put enough thought into it and get it sorted out. In the mean time, this is an easy fix to record buttons twice, although a bit cumbersome on your end. So please accept my apologies for that.
  5. Let's do something first, can you go here and get the latest firmware: Then, yes, record all the buttons twice. Make sure you do them sequently. In other words, don't automate the process, just click up, record, click up again, record again immediately after. Let me know if you still have trouble.
  6. Is this on rc.9? Let's setup a chat session, I think we can figure it out. Do you have the GUI open? If you do, close it after it's paired, it could cause problems if it's open.
  7. Are you saying that when you hit a button very rapidly, flirc responds, even your remote profile is set a source which flirc is not paired with? Does it happen to be the last valid button pressed and seen by flirc?
  8. All buttons who'll wake now. Wake button does not work. I will make it so If you have the wake key programmed other keys will not wake the machine. Remember to have sleep detection enabled in the advanced window.
  9. Just released rc.9, can you give that a shot? I'm puzzled that it started happening on r1.2.6 and 2.4.
  10. So, how it works is you are dynamically pairing keyboard keys with remote control buttons. So that being said, what I did, was put together a harmony profile, prepaired those buttons, and saved them in the device. Once you get the harmony setup with the XBMC - Flirc profile, that's it. You should be able to use your harmony and flirc together, you don't even need my software installed.
  11. Just saw this thread, it's my main priority now. The more you help me, the quicker I'll solve it. Which release candidate are you on? Could you get to rc.8 and make sure the problem is still happening? Make sure your force an upgrade after each release candidate you get. When it disconnects, is it random, or while using it, or doesn't matter?
  12. Flirc will do exactly what you're looking to do.
  13. No more work around needed. This has been addressed in the latest firmware image: I'd love any and all feedback there. I'm so sorry this took forever, I always had something more pressing on my plate. This was actually a ton of work but wasn't too bad after I completely re-architected all my firmware. Please post feedback at the beta forum.
  14. It could be that I've made mistakes on my mappings. Here is how they are mapped out, they have to match your keyboard.xml file static struct harmony_files_t files[] = { /* numbers */ {"zero.txt", 0, HID_0}, {"one.txt", 0, HID_1}, {"two.txt", 0, HID_2}, {"three.txt", 0, HID_3}, {"four.txt", 0, HID_4}, {"five.txt", 0, HID_5}, {"six.txt", 0, HID_6}, {"seven.txt", 0, HID_7}, {"eight.txt", 0, HID_8}, {"nine.txt", 0, HID_9}, /* media control */ {"play.txt", MOD_CTRL_LEFT, HID_p}, {"pause.txt", 0, HID_space}, /* ctrl+p */ {"stop.txt", 0, HID_x}, {"rewind.txt", 0, HID_r}, {"ff.txt", 0, HID_f}, {"info.txt", 0, HID_i}, {"mute.txt", 0, HID_F8}, /* navigation */ {"up.txt", 0, HID_up}, {"down.txt", 0, HID_down}, {"left.txt", 0, HID_left}, {"right.txt", 0, HID_right}, {"return.txt", 0, HID_return}, {"up_arrow.txt", 0, HID_up}, /* not sure ? */ {"down_arrow.txt", 0, HID_down}, /* not sure ? */ {"screen/parent_folder.txt", 0, HID_space}, {"screen/back.txt", 0, HID_backspace}, /* volume and subtitles */ {"vol_up.txt", HID_shift, HID_plus}, {"vol_down.txt", 0, HID_minus}, {"screen/audiodelay-.txt", 0, HID_F1}, {"screen/audiodelay+.txt", 0, HID_F2}, {"screen/audiodelay.txt", 0, HID_F3}, {"screen/subtitle_delay.txt", 0, HID_F4}, {"screen/subtitle_delay-.txt", 0, HID_F5}, {"screen/subtitle_delay+.txt", 0, HID_F6}, {"screen/ShowSubtitles.txt", 0, HID_t}, {"screen/nextSubtitle.txt", 0, HID_l}, /* zoom */ {"screen/zoom+.txt", HID_shift, HID_plus}, {"screen/zoom-.txt", 0, HID_minus}, {"screen/zoom_normal.txt", 0, HID_0}, {"screen/zoom_level1.txt", 0, HID_1}, {"screen/zoom_level2.txt", 0, HID_2}, {"screen/zoom_level3.txt", 0, HID_3}, {"screen/AspectRatio.txt", 0, HID_z}, /* step */ {"screen/StepBack.txt", 0, HID_comma}, {"screen/SmallStepBack.txt", 0, HID_apostrophe}, {"screen/BigStepBack.txt", 0, HID_down}, {"screen/BigStepForward.txt", 0, HID_up}, {"screen/StepForward.txt", 0, HID_period}, /* Misc */ {"screen/ContextMenu.txt", 0, HID_c}, {"screen/fullscreen.txt", 0, HID_tab}, {"screen/ToggleFullscreen.txt", 0, HID_fw_slash}, {"screen/rotate.txt", 0, HID_r}, {"screen/Screenshot.txt", 0, HID_print_scr}, {"screen/ToggleWatched.txt", 0, HID_w}, {"screen/subtitleAlign.txt", MOD_CTRL_RIGHT, HID_t}, {"screen/subtitleShiftDown.txt",MOD_CTRL_RIGHT, HID_down}, {"screen/subtitleShiftUp.txt", MOD_CTRL_RIGHT, HID_up}, {"screen/yellow.txt", MOD_CTRL_RIGHT | MOD_SHIFT_LEFT, HID_y}, {"screen/green.txt", MOD_CTRL_RIGHT | MOD_SHIFT_LEFT, HID_g}, {"screen/red.txt", MOD_CTRL_RIGHT | MOD_SHIFT_LEFT, HID_r}, {"screen/blue.txt", MOD_CTRL_RIGHT | MOD_SHIFT_LEFT, HID_b}, {"screen/PwrOff.txt", MOD_CTRL_RIGHT, HID_F12}, //{"screen/AudioNextLaungage.txt","x"}, /* ??? */ };
  15. Thanks so much for the post!
  16. That's not the latest. Get rc7
  17. That doesn't sound right. Try the latest beta, I'm about to post another.
  18. 40 feet is long. If it's not a cheap cable (thin), it should be fine. No, there is no mouse support. I'll look into it, but I have too much on my plate at the moment.
  19. sorry, I have a lot on my plate and I jump in and out. I missed the subject. You can record over any key in the profile so you can remap it. It searches through the personal profile before searching rom. Does that make sense or answer your question?
  20. I'm sorry, what is this in reference too?
  21. The 3.0 firmware doesn't have support for built in profiles yet. It's actually done, I just need to push it. For now, you're doing it correctly, just map them manually. I'll try to push it soon, it's missing a few keys at the moment. The algorith has been improved a bit too.
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