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  1. RTI T3-V remote with a RTI RP-6 control processor. I will see what the behavior is directly from the WD remote. I just tried that as i happen to have one laying around, but I could try programming from a different remote instead in case its something specific to those codes.
  2. It is an extremely configurable remote (high-end dealer programmable type model, similar to Control4, Crestron, etc. type genre) Here are 3 configuration options for the IR codes it has - any clue on if I might try changing some of these? I can also dump the actual IR codes it is sending for one key if that would help... Minimum Repeats (set to 1 by default) The number of times that the repeating part of the IR code is sent. Some infrared receivers need a command to be repeated a certain number of times to work properly, and some may not work properly if the command is repeated at all. Frequency (38.0 Khz by default) The carrier frequency of the IR code. You should not need to change this value unless directed to do so by Technical Support. Sustain (Checked by default) Cause the IR code to repeat for as long as the button is held down. Most infrared codes will transmit continuously as long as the button is held down, but some infrared receivers may not work properly if the command is repeated at all. If the Sustain button is checked, the code will be transmitted for as long as the button is held down, or the Minimum Repeats times, whichever is greater. If the Sustain button is not checked, the code will be transmitted only the Minimum Repeats number of times regardless of how long the button is held down.
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5M8JJEdPnRs
  4. Happy to. What do you want me to post a video of?
  5. Got flirc yesterday. I programmed it with a Western Digital TV Live remote, and then used my RTI universal remote that I had programmed to those keys. When I tried to record directly from the RTI it wouldn't save the keys right, but if I programmed from the original remote then used the RTI (which goes through a RF device to IR blasters) it recognized the RTI presses just fine. Only problem I have is with buttons not repeating. When I set intra-key delay down to 0, it works for individual button presses (so that's what I'm using for now as it does work) - but no matter how long I hold down a button it won't repeat, which is less than ideal. If I set intra-key delay to 1-6, then I can repeat by holding down a button, but if I press any key several times it will stick and give me a string of repeats randomly. Tried on 3.3 firmware (also tried on newest beta just to see if that changed anything and was still happening). Any ideas on what else I can do?
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