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  1. I cleared the setup and reprogramed the flirc and all is good. Every key was produceing a c. Thanks
  2. added info rasberry Pi Kodi 14 uverse remote flirc 1.3.0
  3. when pressing the enter key the target opens but also the menu popup. It is thou a c is added to the enter key. I also noted that if I use the search function a c is automatic added to the search before I add text.
  4. Tried it again and for some reason it took the presses. Works on DVD Thanks RJ
  5. this one I am using the dvd function
  6. Hi I am trying to setup a uverse silver remote to control xbmc. It will program the basic functions up,down,left,right and enter but the buttons for the ff info etc will not program. Is there a way to get the remote to take the presses or do I just need to try a diffrent remote for xbmc? Thanks
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