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  1. It's not too bad. Here is what I would recommend to help out. Use an sftp application, on the mac, it's transmit/cyber duck. There are plenty for windows. What this will do for you, is look like an FTP browser but connect over SSH. You'll want to connect to your raspberry pi on port 22. Use the default raspberry pi login and password for your distribution. root/openelec Then, browse to the location of the xml file. Looks like it's here: /storage/.xbmc/userdata/ (found on this website: http://wiki.xbmc.org/?title=HOW-TO:Modify_keyboard.xml) Then, with that application, you could double click it, and open with a text editor, or drag it to your computer, edit it, and then send it back. That should make things easier. Let me know.
  2. Yes, it's definitely the keymap file in XBMC. I tried to use the most common keys, but often, the keymap on the distribution, xbmc, openelec, etc, will be different. You need to ssh into the box and locate that xml file.
  3. Thanks Chris. Yes, just a one man show. I have a number of things I'm working on to get me more free time.
  4. What exactly isn't working? How about the direct link here: http://flirc.tv/buy_flirc
  5. I'll take it back, no questions asked. It's just me here.
  6. Here is your configuration: flirc_util version v1.2.2 [v1.2.2-13-gc107673+] Firmware: v2.3 Settings: sleep detection: Disabled noise canceler: Disabled inter-key delay: 6 state: 0 builtin profiles: Enable Memory Info: keys recorded: 72 keys remaining: 97 memory used: 74% Recorded Keys: Index hash key ----- --------- --- 0 77E20A13 F4 1 37A6D1B2 F4 2 7BA80BB8 F3 3 3B8C8611 F3 4 5A47BC68 tab 5 1A2B37C2 tab 6 19B7D2BA F7 7 D98A955E F7 8 F8B6D2BA F6 9 B88A955E F6 10 F897EE73 wake 11 B86BB117 wake 12 F83CF522 F5 13 3869327F F5 14 BBEA3188 F2 15 FB06B72E F2 16 99F746C3 c 17 D923841F c 18 B8FA34A3 i 19 F82672FF i 20 DA2637C2 F1 21 1A43BC68 F1 22 193DF522 u 23 5969327F u 24 99D7C620 return 25 D903047D return 26 3872835E return 27 789EC0BA return 28 FCFFB1D3 backspace 29 3C0CC3B1 backspace 30 D9A29BD0 p 31 19CFD82C p 32 193FF0D2 f 33 596B2D2F f 34 DAA47327 r 35 1AC1F8CD r 36 376775D7 space 37 77A3AE37 space 38 782DB499 x 39 B859F1F5 x 40 77233EEF up 41 B75F774F up 42 B8D9A083 down 43 F805DEDF down 44 D9731B23 up 45 19A0587F up 46 9AA9CA85 down 47 DAC54F2C down 48 FBADCA85 left 49 3BCA4F2C left 50 DAADCA85 right 51 1ACA4F2C right 52 16DDD665 1 53 561910C6 1 54 77E1D665 2 55 B71D10C6 2 56 56E1D665 3 57 961D10C6 3 58 F781E965 4 59 37BE22C6 4 60 3898E222 5 61 78C41F7F 5 62 B7F5E865 6 63 F73122C6 6 64 96F5E865 7 65 D63122C6 7 66 774226B5 8 67 B77E5F15 8 68 B838F522 9 69 F864327F 9 70 55760237 0 71 95C27B8A 0 So I would pay attention to the doubles. You have double: return Down Up I don't know if this was intentional, or if noise was recorded. If not, delete those. Have you tried enabling the noise canceler?
  7. do you guys have sleep detect enabled in the GUI? Also, make sure you haven't recorded any noise. use the commandline, flirc_util settings. Look for duplicates. Delete all duplicates and re-record those keys. When receiving a signal, flirc will send a character to the machine. Regardless of the state of the machine. Sleep detect tells flirc to check if the computer is sleeping. If it is sleeping, do not send any keys unless it's the 'wake-up' command. Further, if you don't have sleep detect, and have recorded erroneous noise, then the machine will see noise as a false signal, and send a command to the computer. ** EDIT ** TLDR; enable sleep detect in the gui
  8. jason


    I'm not familiar with XMP, can you give me a pointer to a remote?
  9. jason


    try changing your interkey delay to 3 in the advanced section of the gui
  10. Can you post the configuration?
  11. Yes it's possible with either the GUI and the command line. It's under the file menu in the GUI.
  12. No update yet guys, I'm working on my test fixture. I'm spending way to much time testing, I need to hand this off to give me the time to work on firmware.
  13. I'm puzzled by that. What kind of power splitter are you using? Have any link? Just record any of the keys that you are missing. All the harmony profile is, is try to match the most useful and frequent shortcuts. However, if Ouya has them mapped differently, they wont work. The firmware you have will let you remap over the presaved settings. Thanks so much for letting me know it's working.
  14. Sorry, only one usb port. I just unpluged in flirc a bunch of times and used it for about 25 minutes without any problems. Does using a hub help at all?
  15. I'm not familiar too much, I'll see if there is anyway to get ssh access. Just fixed a similar problem on a customer's pi, it was definitely a system and voltage supply problem. Do you have anything in the other usb port? Are you using the adapter that came with the ouya? Are you guys in the states or somewhere else?
  16. Holly wow, I had no idea about that. Yes, let's revert back, did everyone do that? It could be that ouya is now aware of flirc and trying to communicate with commands that aren't supported. I haven't done this, I'm using flirc on an unmodified ouya. Can you guys report back if you did this?
  17. Can you guys tell me which versions of firmware have not worked? Thanks for posting the before and after configs. That was helpful, but really concerning. It's all corrupt and it's not clear why. I have an Ouya, I'm not seeing this. Does it immediately not work? How long do you have to wait before it stops working? Every time you plug it back into your machine, does the GUI always say 'bootloader detected, upgrading firmware'? Any info will help.
  18. How about the media keys? Do those work? They have ff and next track previous track and rewind
  19. what were the shortcuts you programmed? I'd like to update the wmc controller if it makes sense.
  20. there is a problem with windows media center, I'll try and address that shortly, but I'm tied up. I believe it has something to do with the ctrl+p, the ctrl needs to be sent, and then the p. I send them simultaneously. A bit ridiculous, but it's on my list of stuff to fix.
  21. make sure your on v2.3 of the firmware, set your interkey delay to 3-6 for the apple remote.
  22. Try this, it's a windows driver issue: https://flirc.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/200712548-Using-the-ZADIG-Utility
  23. I don't think it should be going into DFU, however, I would say that it's not surprising. Do all your pairing in your other machine, then just use it with your paired remote on 10.6.8. In other words, delete the app on 10.6. Apple makes it impossible to try older releases. My 10.7 was working, after the 10.9.1 it stopped working. I can't even get into the 10.6 installer. I pretty much have to buy an old computer, it's ridiculous. I'm really sorry about that.
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