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  1. First off, I love FLIRC and think it's a great product. Even more impressed to find out in this forum that this is apparently a one man operation. I guess that explains why it is rather hard to find online (I bought one from Newegg and one from Amazon). I already have 2 of the old plastic flircs that work perfectly with my Harmony remotes (Ultimate and One) with my two Fire TVs and I can finally control the Fire TVs with just my Harmony remotes. Thank you! I searched the forum and found nothing about PS3 compatibility and so I wanted to see if it is supported or not. I have been using a Nyco Blu-wave IR USB dongle for the past 10 years and it works fine but is a bit long and of course it does not turn the machine on/off nor supports the "PS" button. Does the plastic or new metal FLIRC dongles support the PS3 (that is, ability to use it by just adding the FLIRC device and not using the software to "program" all the buttons)? I saw a XBOX 360 logo in supported devices but sadly no PS3. I'm hoping it will at least offer the same functionality as my old Nyco dongle, but of course it would be great if it could map the PS button as well.
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