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  1. with the same software you used to force the firmware upgrade and clear your configuration, you must use that to pair remote buttons with keyboard keys. Most of the software you will use your remote with accepts keyboard keys as controls. Just figure out which ones you want to use to control the software, and pair those with your remote buttons. Check out the video on the front page of the website which shows the minimal controller view (up,down,left,right,etc)
  2. Okay great, now let's figure out why your remote isn't working. Did you go through the pairing process with the GUI?
  3. Before you change anything, can you send me your configuration? I've got to get to the bottom of this.
  4. Something is definitely wrong, this shouldn't be happening. Are you using a USB hub? Try loading the software, then do a file->clear configuration From there, go to file->advanced, then do force firmware upgrade. Let me know if that helps.
  5. That's the problem. The GUI will appear to be a US keyboard, however, it's as if you were using a US keyboard on a mac set up as azerty. So disregard what my keys say, and use the azerty keys. In other words, where A is on my GUI keyboard that's actually Q for you. Let me know if that helps. There isn't much way around this right now.
  6. Someone just posted a similar issue and stated that upgrading the motherboard USB drivers helped solve the issue. Can you also post a pic of your device manager with the bootloader shown?
  7. are you using a non-standard keyboard for your operating system?
  8. It's basically the driver on windows. You probably had an old GUI, and the new driver couldn't be loaded older the old one. Use zadig: https://flirc.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/200712548-Using-the-ZADIG-Utility
  9. Glad it's up and running and thanks for letting us know what the solution was.
  10. Give this a try: http://downloads.flirc.tv/release/gui/windows/Flirc_v1.2.5_debug.exe It's a debug version, there will be a log created in the installation directory of flirc. If you could post or send me that log, that would be extremely helpful. Thanks so much for helping me figure this out, and so sorry you are having trouble.
  11. Most likely your TV or your lights. Do you guys have incandescence? It's not likely they are all bad. Fire up the commandline utility: flirc_util settings do you see duplicates? If you do, those are nosie signals, you can delete those by deleting them by their index shown: flirc_util delete_index <index_number>
  12. I don't think it's losing the configuration, I think it's getting stuck in the bootloader. Shoot me an email via support.
  13. Can you post a screenshot of device manager and the GUI?
  14. Are you doing this from a system administrator account?
  15. You definitely have keys recorded: File->Clear Configuration to remove all the keys from the device. You have multiple buttons recorded, some of them are probably noise, so that's the problem. ⚡ flirc_util settings flirc_util version v1.2.2 [v1.2.2-38-g44ce387+] Firmware: v2.3 Settings: sleep detection: Disabled noise canceler: Disabled inter-key delay: 6 state: 0 builtin profiles: Enable Memory Info: keys recorded: 42 keys remaining: 127 memory used: 33% Recorded Keys: Index hash key ----- --------- --- 0 564BDB2D c 1 98A09CA6 i 2 569C9742 return 3 5A4ED8FB escape 4 D643DDA5 up 5 98A06C59 left 6 98317117 down 7 5A8E00CB right 8 18DF869B ' 9 98B9FA15 . 10 568F2D26 r 11 5A129B6C f 12 9817D1BC x 13 187DC197 space 14 654A801E up 15 493207AB up 16 90CD4E5 down 17 89E89C89 left 18 C70F5D7C backspace 19 6506D070 up 20 6D590996 up 21 6D9D5C48 down 22 6DE1ADEB left 23 6D9DBB52 right 24 6D9D39EC return 25 6D9DBBF2 backspace 26 CFBAA99 i 27 D3DDD74 p 28 4E257E98 space 29 8D2489D6 x 30 6D25E44A i 31 6DE1B1C7 p 32 6D9D3DC8 space 33 6D9D5E15 x 34 6DE19485 i 35 6D598B0B f 36 6D9DFF0A r 37 6D9DDAD0 backspace 38 6DE18A8F i 39 4D614687 [ 40 8C6051C5 ] 41 6D9D3FF5 c
  16. You still have the cable? Could just be the location, not sure. Have a pic?
  17. Thanks so much for posting that, for those that did not have success, please post which one's you've tried. I'd like to try them as well. I'm creating a faq with this information: https://flirc.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/202443378
  18. Anything different about your setup? Extension cable? Repeater? Have you enabled anything in advanced? Noise canceler, interkey delay? etc? Let me know.
  19. The amazon fire tv remote is wifi. I need to buckle down and get some ir repeaters to play with. My latest issues should have resolved the issues, but without hardware, I can't be certain. If you get it through me or my store, I can give you a full refund if it doesn't work out. Sorry I don't have a better answer.
  20. It's got to be the extension cable. You might need one that's shielded. Or better yet, lose it all together. If the computer is exposed and not inside a cabinet, the IR will still get to flirc.
  21. Can you share a picture of your setup? Are you using a USB extension cable? What's this plugged into?
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