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  1. hey, just wanted to check in and see what's going on with this
  2. Hey, Thanks for the suggestion, but that won't work as I am on 8.1, not 7 or 10. In 8, Win+Tab shuffles between running windows apps, not desktop apps. I do have a somewhat janky workaround involving WIn+T, arrow keys, and Enter key, but I'm holding out that Jason is able to support alt+tab as that works so much better and has been the standard in Windows since forever now.
  3. Thanks! I'll be keeping watch :)
  4. Hey, I 've been using Flirc on my PC to control various media apps like mpc and foobar and it has been working great (mapped as a full keyboard). What I wanted to know is if there is a way to emulate an alt+tab on windows so that I can switch between windows. Mapping alt+tab to a key obviously doesn't work as well as it will emulate both key presses each time, hence there is no sane way to actually select the window you want to switch focus to. I've tried mapping alt and tab to separate keys (by mapping alt via the command line utility) to no avail either. Any ideas? Or perhaps a possible enhancement?
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