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  1. Try doing it again, but do not auto-update. Leave it on 5726
  2. I have moved my chair back and forth and still have not been able to reproduce it. Was it side to side or towards and away?
  3. you are using the same build? Anything different in processes? What happens if you move your chair back 4 feet?
  4. So right now, you are on a working system, and can't break it yet. Is that correct?
  5. You would not update. So the updates are automatic on this 'one' channel that we are testing. But the future updates will break things. So ignore that.
  6. It must be related to that build, and one of the uninstalls you did. Can you clarify what you mean about prompted update, the skipapp? Can you post a screenshot?
  7. Hang on, could be nothing. When you are on the new user account, you should use the following build: 5276
  8. Another idea. Create a new account. Print running processes. Cause it to fail (unplug/plug). Print processes again. Diff
  9. Does windows event manager show anything suspicious after the new account was created and then when it started to fail?
  10. Yeah. Let’s connect with all team viewer. I’ll be at the office in about 45
  11. I’m a bit confused. Have you narrowed it down to these two pieces of software? Honestly I can solve this if you put a machine in front of me. It’s just a matter of trial and error. Maybe changing my HID report to confuse windows and not claim my device. Or figure out how to write a custom driver that just tells windows and other programs to fuck off. But I still don’t know if this is the problem. I've shipped 300. There are others who wrote in not participating here, but only a few. Of all shipped, some people had macs. I stopped shipping when this started as it became clear it was a problem.
  12. Can you export your configuration, attach here? Is there one button inparticular that is problematic?
  13. @Fardi273I'm stuck. I'm not sure what I'm looking at. Can you separate these. Can you create two distinct files. One with CH down skip. One with Channel down original. And also attach your configuration, specify which device is giving you the problem?
  14. Can you go to remote manager, export your config, and post that? I'm having a bit of trouble reproducing this.
  15. Can you save your config and post it, I'll take a look, repeat, and fix it.
  16. anyone have a mac? Let's grab the logs off the remote. I'll get this fixed in the next update.
  17. @AeroCluster@sWRbQTFGSIAWare you able to try this?
  18. make sure you use the public version, some of our test versions had a bunch of stuff in them that intentionally broke things but meant to get us useful logs.
  19. @dnalloheojCan you try this? Can you also let us know if you kill all steam tasks, does skipapp find the remote? (use the public version)
  20. omfg. Kill it and try the skipapp again.
  21. Let's try this. Take a can of gasoline, carefully pour it on the computer, light it on fire, and call a priest, because the fucking thing must be possessed by the devil.
  22. And you were searching for \Device\00000134 ? You are not running any virtual machine software, is that correct?
  23. Sorry, can you also do one with the okay key (the one that seems to overlap)
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