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  1. One more request: Run this command: pnputil /enum-devices Find a line that looks like Instance ID: <INSTANCE_ID> that matches Flirc's VID/PID (20A0/0008). Copy <INSTANCE_ID> Afterwards run pnputil /enum-devices /stack /instanceid "<INSTANCE_ID>" /relations /resources /drivers /interfaces /properties which will dump a ton of remote device info including the driver stack. Let me know how that goes.
  2. Thank you!. Do you have any here: HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\DeviceClasses Can you also try the following: Was that enabled, and if so, did disabling have any effect on remote detection in the skipapp?
  3. Thanks so much for the helpful feedback, that was great. You can add custom codes now, I just need to document how to do it. It's really easy, you drop codes into a human readable file, and load it into the app. I would like others to share it and I'll incorporate them into updates. If you've found any of the codes, I can put together a tutorial on this. But none of these worked?
  4. I made a mistake, Kodi is pre-pared on flirc out of the box. It just works. First, plug in flirc, fire up the app, File->Format to clear everything. Go to File->Advanced, and make sure the kodi profile is enabled: Go into the skipapp and make sure you actually replace the flirc-kodi device with the new one. Here is a video showing how I left the yellow (original), added a new one, orange, and then deleted the yellow. CleanShot 2023-01-21 at 23.24.52.mp4 Again, in the future, I will clean up when there are updated codes. It will prompt you, "Flirc Kodi codes have been updated, do you want to update your remote codes accordingly, here is what changed, etc". Let me know.
  5. .bin is the regular file that has a random serial no_serial.bin is the one that has no serial number rtt is the one that acts different based on my explanation use the blackmagic_fw.bin one.
  6. Can you post the config? How about a hub invetween that has a power adapter. If it’s emi, let’s isolate the grounds.
  7. When you record. Do so in another room. And then go to advanced and disable all the built in profiles
  8. Where is the flirc plugged into?
  9. No it's a service that uploads a crash report with no user identifying information. And allows us to see and analyze issues. It's a paid service. You don't install anything. Is anyone using Kaspersky, or another virus tool? Anyone with the problem, can you open the registry, browse to: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class Can you show us what's in there?
  10. The black magic probe enumerates with two Serial Ports on your computer. One is for the GDB Interface you attach too, the other is the serial port for the device. You can use the second USART port for whatever you want, I usually put a shell interface or a printf on that second interface. There are dedicated serial lines on the bottom of the BMP for that second usart port. But on my device, you can reconfigure the unused JTAG when using 2 wire serial for those serial ports. The benefit being that you can use one cable for JTAG and Serial to the target. Now RTT is something different. I might get this wrong, but from my light understanding, you get two USART ports on your PC. One for JTAG, another you attach for serial again. But there are no serial pins that connect to the target. This is a virtual device where you can communicate to the target over the same 2 wire serial debug interface, but also need to support this in the target. The normal firmware uses the serial number for the device. So on a mac, we end up with /dev/cu.usbmodemJEFF19502 The problem with this is that on a mac, I personally like to have a .gdb file that does that auto connects: target extended-remote /dev/cu.usbmodemJEFF1 monitor swdp_scan attach 1 mon convert_tdio disable Unfortunately we can't have a file like this if you have more than one probe, because the name changes. So in order to avoid this, the custom serial number just uses JEFF0 and JEFF1 all the time for every device. So If I'm on my office setup or home setup, it all stays the same. This isn't so much a problem on windows and linux. In linux you can make a udev rule to create an alias. Hope that helps. Sorry, I need to spend more documenting. I'm running on thin fumes.
  11. Here you go. No built in support yet in flirc usb, meaning, use the flirc usb app to pair buttons. I'll get in support, but I have to do a bit of work. I think different platforms have different keymappings for kodi/plex and I'll have one for each with these built into flirc. But those broken profiles should be fixed. Remove and add them back. In the future, I'll auto detect the change and prompt you for the updated codes. Please let me know. windows and mac build.
  12. Update Flirc Profiles in these builds. You'll need to add back the profile. We will add a way to auto detect an update and prompt you in a future build. Kodi/Plex don't have built in support for flirc yet. Truth is, different keyboard shortcuts on different platforms, so I'll need to probably add one for each. But for now, the flirc profiles are fixed. Shield should be fixed too, no pairing needed with the flirc USB app. Please let me know. windows and mac build.
  13. Wont take a month, please PM @NathanWe'll get it out.
  14. Okay, in sound bar in this windows and mac build.
  15. I don't see any crash logs to sentry for both of you
  16. Also, outside of the kodi keys being a mess. Let me know what did and didn’t work in the app. What was confusing. Etc
  17. It’s borked. I have an update you can try in a sec with new flirc kodi keys. But you’ll need to map them in the flirc pairing app until I update its firmware.
  18. Make sure you select the right category for each. There is a test button, we are adding visual feedback and improving this. Another update should come soon with a newer database as well.
  19. I see, they are very similar. I have new firmware that will address this, but I unfortunately don't have much time until some of these remote issues are taken care of. Are the batteries okay in the remote?
  20. It's just me, and I'm really overwhelmed with the remote release. To confirm, UPOK is just the okay key?
  21. I think I have something that should fix this.
  22. PM me your IP address, and we can try and find the crash log in sentry.
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