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  1. Do you guys see the led ring animation when you hit a macro? It should be showing the led animation for as long as it's transmitting, delays included. If not, can you please tell me your version of the firmware, and post your config.
  2. I'll look into delays this week. Can you post your configuration? I'm not able to replicate this.
  3. jason

    Skip 1s dead??

    I'm sorry, I wasn't subscribed to the main thread and missed all these posts. We've been releasing a lot. It's definitely not dead. We have rolling updates that come every two weeks. Please make sure you subscribe to our subscription. https://mailchi.mp/3080d5cf7951/skip-app-v0994-90-updates-a-better-database-linux-support-and-button-sorting-9395599?e=[UNIQID] https://us5.campaign-archive.com/?u=8b14153fa3b1c5bc8ba0ec01a&id=249480ca64 I think I've got it worked out, please try the latest firmware: This should be worked out in this firmware, and is effecting a very small number of users. I've shipped a lot, and this seems to be an edge case. I have 6 remotes around the house, I haven't had issues replacing once/twice a year. Please let me know in that particular thread, I'm eager to fix this. Please respond in that thread, I'm going to 'lock' this one down since it's related to the same issue.
  4. jason

    No device database?

    Post a screenshot if you are having trouble.
  5. Make sure your LEDs are set to 20%. At full brightness it uses an unnecessary amount of power and hammers the battery quite a bit. Please try the latest firmware as well posted in the other thread. There is an edge case preventing from sleeping. I also have a bunch of other fixes in that version as well.
  6. Send me your config again. Maybe my addition got deleted.
  7. Awesome. I’ll help get this in quickly. Do you have a flirc USB? If not, I think I have this in my box of remotes at the office.
  8. Of course. Is your original remote Bluetooth with that wireless wand thingy feature?
  9. @ytsejam1138 @Shiv @TonyC @MoSPDude I'm really sorry about this. I did not see your thread but did some random testing on a couple units and saw a strange edge case that could effect a small number of remotes. I worked on this endlessly over the past few days and think it's resolved. But need help confirming. The firmware is attached, you can load it in the admin panel or you can use the update tool: SkipUpdate for Mac and SkipUpdate for Windows skip.1s.a06.release-4.12.21.bin
  10. My pleasure. Yeah, looks like I have a bug in the command, so sorry about that. On my list is a bit of a firmware re-write to bring it up with the remote as well as make the configs human readable JSON.
  11. Here you go, I think you had a duplicate in there too. I didn't remove it because I wasn't sure. That might have been causing the problem. 'noise' is recorded as an extra 'up' keyboard stroke.. wake disabled.fcfg
  12. Yeah. Send me your config and I’ll do a trick to disable it
  13. We’re looking into this. I don’t have a timeline. But I’ll solve it. Most likely next week.
  14. Are you using a flirc usb? What do you mean bind? skipapp for Linux is not installed. There is no shortcut. There is no installer. It’s an isolated container which has all the dependencies to run the app. I have no intentions of pacman/deb/rpm support at the moment. I run mine from the downloads folder.
  15. What do you mean uninstall? Leave the appimage in your home directory in downloads, or create an app directory in your home folder with a shortcut on the desktop. Steam has a read only file system for the most part. I haven't had any issues with my deck. What keybindings are you looking for? Under category, do Game Console. Microsoft for the manufacturer, and XBOX as the device.
  16. my pleasure, it's in the newest release just published as well.
  17. I decoded your signal and mine and they are both the same codes. I'm not sure why mine would work and yours wouldn't.
  18. Thanks for recording the signal. Can you try this for Game Mode: 0000 006D 0032 0000 007E 003F 0012 000C 0012 000C 0012 002C 0012 000C 0012 002C 0012 000C 0012 002C 0012 000C 0012 000C 0012 002C 0012 000C 0012 000C 0012 002C 0012 002C 0012 000C 0012 000C 0012 000C 0012 000C 0012 000C 0012 000C 0012 000C 0012 000C 0012 002C 0012 000C 0012 002C 0012 000C 0012 000C 0012 000C 0012 002C 0012 002C 0012 000C 0012 002C 0012 000C 0012 000C 0012 002C 0012 000C 0012 002C 0012 000C 0012 000C 0012 000C 0012 002C 0012 000C 0012 002C 0012 000C 0012 000C 0012 002C 0012 002C 0012 002C 0012 0AFC
  19. Awesome. Thanks for the quick feedback. I just published an update and included these codes. You can grab the latest on the downloads. We are working on auto updates for Linux in the next release. Hopefully within a couple weeks.
  20. I don't know why I did that. I attached the wrong codes. Here is the correct one. Sony - STR-DA5500ES.json
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