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  1. Well this is silly, looks like it needs to be upper case hex codes. Here is a vim expression that should work: %s/"0000,\(.*\)"/"0000,\U\1"/g Here is a fixed json attached. Let me know if this works with your device. I'll add it to the database. I will also make it so import converts to uppercase automatically. And thank you for the positive feedback, really means a lot. Yamaha-RXV1000-AV.json
  2. There are a lot, and there is no way to just export a list, which one do you want, I'll start with that.
  3. I did some more digging, and it looks like you can put the remote into IR mode. I'm going to grab one and get the codes. I can't find them anywhere else online.
  4. Try importing the attached using the following guide: What I actually found was your Power Toggle and Power off command from harmony are identical. I've added the power toggle in this file. Please let me know if that fixes the power for you, and we'll take a dig into what's going on. Thanks for all the helpful info and logs. Pioneer - VSX-325.json
  5. Yeah there were a couple issues. That lead out, I needed to add that, and then your JSON had a wrong format and our Schema checker did not catch it. (Just pushed an update to auto correct this). The Pronto codes are a comma delimited hex array. I think you had the comma in one, but not the other. The one that was missing was the one you said didn't really work anymore, however, at a glance, it looked correct. But because it was missing the comma, the binary got all messed up in firmware and I'm sure made the device act super ridiculous (I've done this before). So import now auto corrects this. What through me off was the was that one looked like regular NEC, but with basically better shorter timescale, so I needed to take some time to make sure I wasn't looking at it wrong. I'll include this in the next update as well and we are working on making it easier to get community additions. Thanks for letting me know it's working.
  6. Do you have a picture of the original remote? I tested this on the latest firmware and got it working. Are all the buttons not working?
  7. Fire it up, go to advanced, enable IR debugging, and then Press the problematic button on Skip1s. Then do it on harmony. Export the file for me and I'll take a look. I have a different sensor in the skip1s that captures the fundamental frequency, and due to the interrupt latency, I need to do re-write this all using DMA. I'm working on it. For now, we'll manage with what we have. Just post that here and I'll start looking.
  8. Thanks so much for this, I'm going to review, and probably include them. Regarding text files, it was probably an error in the filename. The filename must be precise to describe the device, and categories, otherwise it will fail to import. I have python I through together to help convert to text to json, I'll publish that shortly.
  9. It does help, I'll record and compare the code. Do you have a flirc USB? If not, do you have the device/model you have on your harmony?
  10. Very helpful, thank you so much. Very strange, all buttons work except the power toggle?
  11. Okay, try this one, I'm working on the other one. AIWA - NSX-350M.json I'll explain why things were not working correctly in a sec
  12. Literally just doing this now, I had some trouble on inspection and am going to be going database/code crazy this week. Hang on, I'll have JSON for you to try in 5-10
  13. I'm not sure I understand, but the wizard does it's best to setup your activity. Once finished, you can click on the activity, and modify / edit your macro. Any button can be a macro as well.
  14. Thank you, great feedback, will move this over to a new folder called ideas and suggestions under SkipApp.
  15. Thanks for the update. Can you clarify what you had to do to fix everything so I can incorporate these changes? That may help me figure out why power off wont work as well.
  16. Can you send me your configuration?
  17. Can you share your config. Go to remote manager, save your config, and post it here. Let me take a look.
  18. remove all previous versions of the app. In start menu->apps. Make sure there are is no skipapp there. Reboot, reinstall, and try again. I've noticed previous versions of the apps cause problems but it comes down to another software on your computer preventing access to the USB device. Do you have Steam installed?
  19. Have you tried without the batteries and hooked up to a PC?
  20. What device are you trying to add?
  21. Really great job. Here are some notes, and what I've been up to: I reached out to irscrutinizer to see if we can get direct hardware support built in. I don't have time, I'm hoping I could get some help from them with my support. I actually just pushed an update so flirc spits out better ir output +1231 -12132 etc, that can be directly imported into irscrutinizer I have a commandline app that will print out the pronto hex codes directly, I will share that in a second. I would be happy to provide some source or a python wrapper for you to play around with a whip something up. Can you share your files you created? For the benefit of the community, and I will include them in the next release. We don't support only JSON importing, but will support a simple text file too, as outlined here: ** Edit ** For some reason my app CI isn't auto updating, here is a copy until I figure out what's going on: https://flirc.io/nightly/Flirc GUI/mac/Flirc-3.26.5.dmg
  22. I’m working on it right now and have been upfront that it’s coming. It is imminent so we can help all the users and get community code sharing.
  23. I’m going to fix this. I’ve reproduced it twice but I am working out a log that will diagnose it.
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