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  1. There was an error in your file: We print that the file is invalid now when this happens. But there is more wrong, there is a ton of duplicates entries, so I removed them. Caps incorrect. And some bad ascii. I also changed some so they will correctly map, like enter to CURSOR ENTER. But there is CURSOR UP, and later in the file is UP, I don't know what the difference is and they have different pronto codes. Pioneer - 2013.json
  2. Released, get ready for the next version.
  3. Posted in another thread, but try the below. I did it with one of my remotes, and it fixed it. Temperature dependent... Put it in a plastic bag, put in the freezer for 5 minutes. Take it out and try again. It's a cold solder joint, manufacturing fixed in a subsequent build. Please let me know if that works. Honestly, I'm much more conservative with firmware updates on this product. I have night sweats about bugs that drain batteries so I'm favoring stability over features right now.
  4. I've updated the version numbers, changelog, and download links. If you are already on the RC channel or have downloaded one of the release candidate versions, you will automatically have the latest one I just linked to. Once the app is published, your version will be migrated from the release candidate to the public stable channel automatically, no need to redownload again. The main reason we held this back as a release candidate was for firmware due diligence. We identified several paths to improve stability and performance, which will impact battery life and health. We have high confidence now and will be releasing this version publicly early next week. We'll continue to improve the recording experience and decoding library. We've been hard at work on the next version after this. We will be posting that almost immediately after this version goes public as a release candidate. Thanks for everyone's patience and support
  5. Should be the same exact codes that are already in there. If you go to Set Top Boxes, Select Apple, Apple TV, should be the same. Unfortunately, traveling, and wont be able to debug this specifically until August.
  6. The reason it's 'working' when on the wrong profile is because it's using CEC for that protocol. So your TV remote can actually control shield when active. It's unclear why it's ignoring input. Using the app, try going to the shield2 profile, and re-recording the keys from the correct activity. (this is unecessary, but will be a good datapoint)
  7. Take the flirc out, does it still control the shield?
  8. You shouldn't have to. Don't hard reset. You tried unplugging flirc, and plugging it back in? Try plugging flirc into the computer, just make sure it's detected, and it should respond to skip button presses in the computer. Turn on File->advanced logging and just check to make sure it's spitting out information when you press a button on your remote.
  9. it's something on the shield then. Do you have ADB debugging on? If so, turn it off.
  10. hmm, are you using a flirc in the shield? Or is it using CEC?
  11. It's going to sound crazy, but put it in a plastic bag, put it in the freezer for 5 minutes, try again. Cold solder joint.
  12. Oh that's awful and I'm so sorry it's so frustrating. Yes Linux has taken a backseat and honestly, everything has taken a backseat because of windows dumb bullshit. The amount of crap I've dealt with recently has been horrible. But yes, of course, I have an SDK, internal documentation for all HID communication, etc. What's your architecture you're running it on. I'm behind, I need to post all the libs, but I'm going to help you first.
  13. Bit behind, but I will add this to our list to look at.
  14. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Can you send me your configuration? I'll take a look, extract, and modify our database. Really trying to catch up and owe a good update on the database. But I can include this in the current release candidate that's out.
  15. Tauri 1.4, I did see it the link. I don't know how to solve the issue. I'm stuck with Tauri because the entire app is written in react native desktop. No other way to have a linux app without it. Tauri says they will have flatpak support in the future, and I agree, the apppack is garbage if it doesn't do the one job it's supposed to do.
  16. Are you able to run it at all in the container? Is the error in the host os? Have you tried the release candidate?
  17. You are the best. I love these posts. We’re working hard to make an update soon.
  18. Hmmm, shouldn't be a limit. Does this have all the codes in it, or were any removed?
  19. Can you enable admin controls in preferences accessibility’s and then go to the admin tab and learning. Press and hold the back button and past the contents of both windows here
  20. Okay. I’ll try and get this done today.
  21. Critical - Learning requires both remotes to be facing each other and about 1 inch apart. We had a couple of hiccups in between our last test version and this one. We discovered a new problem introduced by Microsoft. After that, we had to fix Linux, but in doing so, we had to break the old release candidates. Here is how it works: CleanShot 2023-12-15 at 22.54.49.mp4 You need to be using the included firmware in order to do any recording. The version embedded is v4.13.7 v4.13.8 Changelog New - IR Learning Wizard Addition Improved - Performance on Mac Fixed - Activity Animation with Large Config Fixed - Add Activity Highlight Placement Fixed - Manual Assignment on Linux Resulted in Duplicates Fixed - Recording Occasionally Showing Incorrect Icon Fixed - Remote Manager Tools Icons in Dark Mode Fixed - Screen Resolution in Compact Mode Bug Fixed - Wizard Dropdown Alphabetical Ordering Firmware - Ability to Record Remotes Firmware - Stability, Performance, Battery Improvements Mac Download Windows Download Linux Download Firmware Update If you are not presented with update dialog, please do the following: Close the software Unplug the USB-C cable Remove the batteries. Press and hold the return and center key while you insert the USB-C cable (image attached) Start the software What's Next Minor firmware tweaks Minor database updates
  22. Yeah, do you remember what version you were on before? Also, if you just hotplug it after reboot, does that work?
  23. Yes, you definitely need to pair buttons yourself to HID keys and you can do what you proposed. There would be no way of doing this on my end, there are 100,000 different codes and manufacturers. However, I have an SDK: https://github.com/flirc/sdk Within here I have a folder called IR. This app is really simple. It's a C app you can use to open the device, and periodically poll it for a scancode. Then you can do whatever you once you receive that scancode. Please post here and share how it goes. Would love to see and help assist.
  24. Yup. We broke it. It’ll remain broken until I can publish an update which is will be shortly. Had to break it o fix Linux which needed SSL but now the other versions are broken. Sorry. Horribly busy with family. Within two days.
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