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  1. Okay, after some digging, here is how to do it. Vero primarily supports bluetooth out of the box. But here are instructions by the creator, which should be really easy to do. Add Microsoft Windows MCE profile to the Skip 1s It wont auto-work with your Vero 4k Select the Microsoft Windows MCE profile under the remote menu None of us have this box, please let us know how that goes.
  2. Long press, smarter activity switching, and learning is coming.
  3. Yeah they look fine. That’s so strange. You think I can trouble you for a pic without the fix?
  4. Did the firmware, did the hardware, do the shipping, support, debugging, manufacturing software… I’m the guy. I have a tiny team that helps with the rest. I love the product, I love if people are happy with it, and work really hard to do so. Thanks so much for following up. Can you take the batteries out and show the other side of the terminals?.I think your spring is stuck in the case preventing the battery from being pushed up.
  5. Thank you send a pic of this? I really appreciate the problem solving. Would love to see the problem and solution so I can address this with the factory.
  6. You can do this on your Apple TV. In control panel you can use set up using a tv remote to control the volume.
  7. I have been screening before shipping. I have not caught any. 10 of these as exchanges, .02% failure. Maybe double it, call it .04%. Unfortunately, the happy folks don’t post on the forums
  8. This is because you have CEC enabled. It's a way for your TV to talk with a connected device over HDMI. You can disable this in your TV Settings. All devices have built in harmony codes, meaning you don't have to do any pairing. So naturally, if you setup your harmony and flirc - firetv on one, the other will respond. To remedy this, open up my software, go to file->advanced and disable the built in profile on the one you don't want to respond. Don't believe it, I think your harmony is configured as noted above.
  9. wow, interesting, maybe the spring was stuck. Can you shoot us a picture?
  10. Which remote profile are you using on your harmony to control those two devices? To confirm, you have a flirc in the Tivo Stream 4k, and a flirc in the firetv cube? What kind of TV do you have?
  11. yeah, complete waist of your time and I'm really sorry. Assuming you are at the same address, I have a return label and new unit going to you. All tested, screened, and updated. Hopefully this is it, and you can toss that back in the mail at your convenience and I'll rip it open for confirmation.
  12. It was always giving you this issue? I’ll get a replacement and a return label so I can tear it apart. So sorry for this.
  13. Can you message me. I need some info. Was this always happening. Did it start after an update? If not. When did it start? The remote has been out for a year but early hardware as we iterated on plastic and software was done looooong before.
  14. Pushed an update. Just download and re-sync, no additional firmware needed.
  15. Let me send you a replacement and get this back so I can tear it apart. This is not common. There are two issues this could be: Factory did not screen caps, I have found some remotes draining until replacing. There was an edge case with some remotes that were crashing while in deep sleep, this is fixed in the latest firmware I'd like this one back to confirm it's the first. This is not a widespread issue and both should be resolved at the factory and with firmware. I have 6 remotes I've been using for 3 years, and have not had this problem. Send me a pm. @ytsejam1138
  16. Oh awesome, thanks for letting me know, that explains quite a lot (this has come up before). Certainly keep me posted, seems delays between buttons for a macro are not working, I'm about to push an update for that.
  17. Delays will be fixed today. We're going to push an update. Hang tight. Thanks for the json. Much appreciated.
  18. This is really strange. Can you go to the folder where the logs reside? zip those up, and post those her. Also, in go up to AppData/Local/Packages. Do you see two skip folders?
  19. Sorry, this was for Tony. For your device, are you using a flirc usb? If not, what profile TV did you use? Can you post your skip config?
  20. Are you still seeing double key presess with this? I double checked your codes, they look correct.
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