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  1. I have an extra repeater I bought, was going to sell it. You want it? Maybe it'll give you better results. Brand new.
  2. The firetv remote is actually a wireless remote, not infrared. = (
  3. Windows is really funky like that. Sounds like it installed the driver correctly for one port, but the other ports got messed up. You can try uninstalling the drivers in device manager, and let windows set that up again for you. Let me know if that helps.
  4. Here is how the log works: 0,12,123,2532 These are pulses, starting at t=0us we have a high pulse for 12us. Then it goes low for 123us, then high again for 2532us The markers ::e:23 Means an elapsed time of 23ms has passed since the last edge Your log is being flooded with noise, it's not showing the timing of the edges because it's less than 4 pulses, which isn't a valid IR signal. So it's essentially showing you a bunch of time in ms between the noise. It's seeing hundreds of those.
  5. I'd say keep moving. Honestly, if you put it in some obscure location in the cabinet, it should be fine. But it's clear that the transmitter is 'leaky'. It's leaving the IR light on when it's not supposed to at a low strength.
  6. can you put the transmitter somewhere else in the cabinet?
  7. Is it taped to the front? It definitely is, and it's probably a leaky repeater too, it's seeing light when it's not supposed to. Try removing the one in front of flirc, and let it pick up the transmission from one of it's taped neighbors
  8. It's really sensitive. IN fact, unless you've blocked off all of the black plastic on flirc, it's getting in. IR can go through any angle of that black plastic due to where the IR sensor is positioned.
  9. Is it in a cabinet? Can you move it outside of where the repeater is for the time being? Maybe the repeater is too strong and you have a bunch of reflection in the cabinet causing flirc to see a bunch of edges. Can you tell me a bit about your setup? What kind of repeater is it?
  10. Are you using a USB extension? if you are, remove it. If not, PM me and I'll get you a new one
  11. https://flirc.gitbooks.io/flirc-instructions/content/command-line-interface-guide/location.html This will put it in your path so you don't need to go into the applications directory. cd /Applications/Flirc.app/Contents/Resources/flirc_util cp flirc_util /usr/local/bin/ flirc_util settings Also, make sure the GUI is closed. Can't open it with the cli and the gui at the same time.
  12. okay, pushing an update, it'll be posted shortly. You can do the following: flirc_util device_log -i -p i - ir debug p - persistance
  13. Sorry this is a bit hard for me to trouble shoot. Nothing in the system seems to be saying there are any problems. Let me push an update out that lets you debug the IR. Give me until the end of the day. Also, I unofficially don't support the first generation anymore. I'll push updates every once in a while, but I'm not going to spend any time adding new features. It was a shit show working on that microcontroller and waisted too much of my time doing optimization because of the lack of USB hardware in the processor.
  14. glad it's up and running and working. Thanks for the patience.
  15. @yawor is correct. There are a list of tables built into flirc. They don't ever get deleted. If you disable them, they get passed over when searching for a stored command. You can record 'over' them basically by re-assigning these keys into the user area. If the key exists in the user area, it uses this over the built in table. Yes, I need to work with logitech to add stuff. They are pretty good if something is missing or needs correcting.
  16. Have you tried the sleep/suspend keys in the "Media Keys" controller section of my GUI?
  17. And what do you pair that too in my app?
  18. Okay, all good news. You have to record every key twice, that particular remote sends out two distinct alternating keys for every press. So Up has two keys associated with it. It's so the TV can detect if someone walked in front of the remote, or you lifted your finger and pressed the button again. So for example, open the GUI, record the up button, press up on your remote. Record the up button again, press the up on your remote again. No idea how it was working before, kinda a miracle, and unexplainable.
  19. Okay, here is a config with that deleted. updated.fcfg
  20. You have two keys assigned to pause: http://cl.flirc.io/m3tx Not sure why, you want me to delete those so you can re-record them? There is another button you could use which is the following: http://cl.flirc.io/m3mD But uses a second button. Would need a firmware update to solve that.
  21. Your configuration isn't responding to my remote. Very strange. I just pushed an update yesterday. What could be going on is that your remote is a windows media center remote, and is also responding to the built in windows media center profile. Disable it: http://cl.flirc.io/m3zC Let me know if that helps. If it doesn't, remote might need a new battery.
  22. looks like you have an original flirc. Is that right? With this version, any key that has previously been recorded, will wake your machine up. Unless you record a 'wake' key which can be found in the GUI on the keyboard controller. If you don't want to wake the computer up at all, you can disable this in the advanced settings.
  23. okay, couple more things. After this happens, can you open the gui, go to device log, click to enable ir debug, and then press and hold a button. Save that and post that here. Also, paste the output of dmesg.
  24. That's not available on this version, I have to implement that. I'll see if I can get it in on this next release.
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