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Coming from a Harmony remote, trying to figure out what's the best way to configure my workflow for the Skip 1s.

Basically, I have two Activities. Acivity A is for watching TV (turn TV on, switch to Antenna input, button clicks go to the TV itself), and Activity B is for watching my Nvidia Shield (turn TV on, switch to HDMI input, button clicks go to the Nvidia Shield).

My question is, how do I switch between the two? If I power on using Activity A and the TV is turned on and the input is on Antenna, and I want to switch to the Sheild, my understanding is that if I then click on the "B" button it won't switch my input the HDMI (knowing that in the previous activity I was on a different input).  What's the right way to go at it with the Skip 1s?




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10 hours ago, Nathan said:

So your goal for switching is to only switch the HDMI when switching from A to B? 

In that situation, you could use an unused button, perhaps something from the number pad, to be an additional hdmi switcher.

Thanks for your prompt response, Nathan, much appreciated. I responded in another thread asking about the same thing:


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