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  1. Thanks for your prompt response, Nathan, much appreciated. I responded in another thread asking about the same thing:
  2. I was asking the same thing on another thread. I imagine this type of behavior will be relevant to many people. It makes sense that the TV will play a role in most activities, so it would be better if we could program the remote so that switching between activities after you're already powered-on will just switch the input (or potentially turn on some other device that wasn't part of the previous activity, or turn off a device that isn't a part of the new one). Programming a number button on each activity to switch to the relevant input, while works, is not ideal or straightforward at all. To me, that kind of defeats the purpose of the smart remote. Hope we can get this addressed. Thanks!
  3. Hi, Coming from a Harmony remote, trying to figure out what's the best way to configure my workflow for the Skip 1s. Basically, I have two Activities. Acivity A is for watching TV (turn TV on, switch to Antenna input, button clicks go to the TV itself), and Activity B is for watching my Nvidia Shield (turn TV on, switch to HDMI input, button clicks go to the Nvidia Shield). My question is, how do I switch between the two? If I power on using Activity A and the TV is turned on and the input is on Antenna, and I want to switch to the Sheild, my understanding is that if I then click on the "B" button it won't switch my input the HDMI (knowing that in the previous activity I was on a different input). What's the right way to go at it with the Skip 1s? Thanks!
  4. Hi, I'm trying to create a sequence to my power button for Activity A that will turn on the TV and change the input to antenna. I'm assigning two actions to the button, the first one is "Power On" and the second one is "Input Antenna". It seems that doesn't matter what I do, only the first action is actually sent by the remote. Whatever I put as the first action is the one activated. I tried setting a delay of 4 seconds on the first action in the sequence (Power On) so that the second action (Input Change) is triggered 4 seconds after. I pointed my phone's camera on the remote so I can see when there's IR activity -- I can see that it's only sending 1 command, nothing happens 4 seconds later. Really stumped here. Appreciate any help. Thanks!
  5. Hi For debugging purposes, is there anyway to send IR presses to flirc (from a remote) and have it output the raw value it's receiving? (or hash of it) Kinda like a 'monitor' mode? Thanks
  6. Hi, How can I get the latest firmware on Ubuntu x64? The latest version on the apt is 1.3.6 which contains firmware 3.6. Thanks
  7. I didn't try it yet, however I don't think it would change anything. I think the speed of the keystrokes is a hardware limitation of the remote.
  8. Hello everyone. Can anyone recommend a universal remote control that works FAST with flirc? I'm currently using a harmony 300 remote which, of course, works perfectly, but there is a slight delay between key presses (even if the inter-key delay and inter-device delay are set to 0). This means that if I'm browsing a list on xbmc and want to go down 3 entries, I press 3 times on the down-arrow key, but the keys are registered slower than the speed I clicked on the remote (like they're queuing and being processed one at a time with a 100ms delay in between). Is there any remote that will give me the same effect as a wireless keyboard (pressing 3 times the down arrow works immediately)? Thanks.
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