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Flirc v2 very slow response and missing keys events


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When PC (Kodi system) is connected to my TV (Panasonic over HDMI2) remote responds very slowly with very many misses. After several actions on the keys, remote control no longer responds at all.

If the same PC (Kodi system) is pluged to another monitor, then the remote works perfectly (same HDMI2 port) without any lag.

Flirc V2 (last firmware)
Remote : One for all URC7935

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I reset the Flirc receiver and my Kodi but the results were worse. The menu scrolled without any action on the remote control.

Reading the forum I found a similar problem. External lights and IR noise interfering with signals from my remote and flooding the flirc receiver.

My TV is plasma technology and probably generates a lot of IR noise.

Anyway, to solve the problem and reduce the flow of IR I protected Flirc with a light paper mask. 

Now the remote and Flirc work properly without ghost or missing event.

An evolution of the hardware or the firmware could be considered to reduce the sensitivity to external noise.

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