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Flirc not recognized by Win 7 after reboot...


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Took a little longer to verify the the actual problem and best solutino

What happened was that the motherboard would send down control requests, 'get report descriptor', but for some reason, the endpoint out transfers were no getting received by the host. So the host would request the same descriptor again, and fail again. Eventually, it would pass, but for some reason, so many transfers to the host would fail. The hosts typically sends down an endpoint reset, but this was after dozens of fails, which is way too late.

The device uses a 512 byte SRAM area in memory for the DMA transfers to the host. Without the endpoint reset, which would reset our endpoint frame back down to the bottom of the 512 SRAM, we would overflow, corrupt our stack pointer, and eventually crash.

Along with some other bug fixes yet to deploy, this version treats the 512 byte DMA area as a circular buffer. So it just wraps around if the hosts never sends down an endpoint reset.

Really hard to debug. All real time and any GDB operations, the host disconnects the device and transfers stop.


dori.release-4.6.6.bin nemo.release-4.6.6.bin

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i still facing some issues with flirc dongle, so that rebooting issue is now fixed but flirc seems to loose conection with the computer, when i have my computer on for a few hours, flirc stops responding and when i turn on the software it says "disconnect"


i have to say that now im using a usb extender, maybe thats the problem, but is anyone facing this issue?



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I am using a usb extender on one of my flircs setup of about 25' long though a conduit with other wires inside such as HDMI and there is no issue with it but this is not the flirc that got the latest firmware upgrade and running on the computer with the issue that needed to be addressed, so it may not be fully relevant here.

The flirc that got the firmware upgrade is running fine, directly connected to the computer. However, it is running about 1-2 hours a day and is suspended the rest of the time, hardly ever rebooted or turned off.

Hope this helps,

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