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FLIRC vs. other USB IR Receivers?


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Hi forum,

Another question from a newbie... just wondering how FLIRC is different to say a packaged MCE remote with a USB IR receiver? In a lot of the forums people say they just buy a cheap remote simply to get the USB IR Receiver, then use that with their universal remote (e.g. Harmony)?. I'm sure there are benefits to FLIRC over those but just wondering if anyone can provide some quick enlightenment for me?


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Hi again mediageorge,

Where flirc differs:

- works with most IR remotes (virtually all)

- doesn't require special drivers so works on anything that a USB keyboard can (including Xbox 360)

- I think it have awesome reception to signals.

- It raises money for charity (www.flirc.TV/about)

Pleasant regards,


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