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    How to map the +

    Shift + "+" worked here
  2. Amazing, not expensive and cool features. Loving the keys illumination and 8 device support. Looks like a perfect option to replace my actual $2 generic chinese universal remote. Give us feedback when you got it in hands.
  3. @furnbird Try to use autohotkey script, this is what I use here: ;Sleep system: (ctrl+shift+f11) ^+F11:: DllCall("PowrProf\SetSuspendState", "int", 0, "int", 0, "int", 0) return
  4. I confirm that, it is better than my television or any other receive I ever seen in life. My Flirc is on back of my htpc and still working great.
  5. Just windows key , it is possible? Tried without success here. Thanks.
  6. Yes, working fine, but not trivial, you need to follow steps explained by testmetest at this (only steps 1-5, so 15º) and use my adapted driver Flirc_driver_Windows8.zip. Until the installer is improved, the "easy setup" statement on Flirc.tv homepage is false.
  7. "Voting" for this feature. This is basic and necessary.
  8. OMG, installed Windows 8 Released Preview and driver with my previous changes is invalid, need to reinstall WDK and use inf2cat again. Or better, I'm not sure, because the error message is a little different now: -------------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT: oh, my bad, forgot to disable driver signing on Bcdedit command. Anyway this post would be useful for someone seaching about same error message.
  9. Oh, figured out the solution.Your recommendation about to install Visual Studio, is wrong. User need to install Windows Driver Kit (WDK). Here is my driver with necessary changes: Flirc_driver_Windows8.zip. I hope you add it to Flirc installer. Thanks testmetest to share the steps about inf2cat.
  10. Hi everyone, I'm new here, got my Flirc today. Was excited to test it when got same issue on Windows 8. Followed all the steps, long time installing Visual Studio, but the most important step failed: Any suggestion? Thank you!
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