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Flirc doesn't pass on keypresses


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  • 3 weeks later...

Well I've installed the insiders build 17127 of RS4 now it's available and unfortunately the problem persists.
Will try some things in the next days just as in the past but that never made any difference.

So it looks like it won't be fixed by Microsoft anytime soon...

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17133 became available to me today, the RTM version... and no luck again.

On a more positive note, I finally found the remote I wanted for quite some time available now loose as a replacement.
So ordered 2 of those from different suppliers to have at least something to do.
This problem just persists and is really becoming an issue to me to the point I might replace the complete hardware if something I like comes along.

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  • 2 months later...

Updated to 1803 final a bit ago and did some testing since till now.
The problem persists, but a bit less often I feel like! Still a bag of hurt if you ask me.
When it works there's still that stupid delay after a (re)boot of about 1-2 minutes.
So yeah... it's still a waiting game I guess till this is solved.
No difference between the blue and black PCB version, as far as I'm concerned they're 100% interchangeable with same behaviour.

On a side note... really wished the new black pcb version had v2 capabilities, finally got hold of the remote I liked and it doesn't work on the v1 :'( .
Just guessing it might work with the v2 as I'm not buying the v2 after having bought the black pcb version for nothing really. What do I need yet another Flirc for?

On a side note 2.... that stupid bright blue led broke down, which I thought was useless in the first place anyways.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Did a full reinstall today... and guess what? no changes to the problem.
Is there really no way we can get the updated v2 formfactor or anything to solve this?
At the moment looking into the ancient winlirc solutions but I'm not sure what to buy and get that working.

It's a real pain...

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