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I don't see any reason why you couldn't do that. You probably won't be able to use built-in profiles with Harmony's Flirc profiles if you have a Harmony remote, because both Flircs would then react at the same time. You would need to use some other device profiles (one per Flirc) and program them only for specific Flirc.

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5 minutes ago, Willie_Howell said:

I should have said I have the older Harmony one remote and can setup activities with the Flirc, but how would I choose which Flirc to use? Is there any identity to differentiate the two Flirc devices? Thanks for the reply. Willie.

The remote profile would select the correct flirc. Let's say you pair a panasonic tv profile with one flirc and a samsung profile with the other flirc. Each would respond accordingly.

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So if I setup an activity on the Harmony One (old) to use a Flirc on the PS4 to watch a DVD and another activity on the Harmony One (old) to use a different Flirc to watch Fire TV, the activity will choose which Flirc to use even though both Flirc's  are inches apart? Also, will the Flirc power on the PS4? I'll also beta this setup if you want to send me another Flirc to try it.   ;-)

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There's really nothing here to "beta test".

Flirc doesn't have a notion of activities on your remote. It doesn't know which activity you've selected. What we've trying to tell you is that:

  1. You choose two device profiles you set up on your remote. It can't be one of the Flirc profiles (like Flirc/Kodi or Flirc/FireTV etc) because both Flircs are going to respond to these. You can, for example, select an LG TV for one Flirc and Panasonic TV for another. You should also take into account what actual devices you own. So if you actually have an LG TV then don't use that one for Flirc, because both your TV and the Flirc would then react at the same time.
  2. After you've chosen 2 device profiles you want to use for your Flircs, connect a single Flirc to your PC, select one of the profiles on the remote and use Flirc GUI to map buttons on the remote to functions/keyboard shortcuts you want to control your FireTV.
  3. Disconnect first Flirc, connect second one and select the second device profile on the remote. Repeat button learning, but this time for functions to control your PS4.
  4. Use these two device profiles in your Harmony activities anyway you like.

I hope that it's now more clear to you on how to use that setup.

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You can use them both in the same room.

Maybe I've confused you by using TV profiles as an example. It doesn't have to do anything with actual TV receivers. What I'm referring to are device profiles in the remote control (in your case it's Harmony remote).

Let's forget about Flirc for a moment and go with a different example. Let's say you have two different DVR devices (from different manufacturer preferably). If they are the same or from the same manufacturer then there's big possibility they use the same IR signals and will both react at the same time. But if they are different then they most probably use different IR signals (maybe different protocol or at least different device/subdevice identifier). Now to control them both with your Harmony you would need to start up the Harmony software and find both models and add them to your remote, optionally adding them to your activities. Then you just switch between devices/activities on the remote depending on which DVR you want to control.

Now you can threat two Flirc receivers like to different DVRs, because it is up to you to teach each Flirc signals you want them to react to. So you choose one device profile on Harmony and then teach one Flirc (the other needs to be disconnected). Then you swap Flircs, select another device profile on your remote and teach the second Flirc. After that they won't respond to the same IR signals and you are choosing to which Flirc you are sending commands by selecting a specific profile (or Activity) on the remote.

In my earlier post I've referenced LG, Samsung and Panasonic TVs as a remote profiles (not as real TVs, only profiles) only because they are known to work well with Flirc. Also profiles for TVs (especially for modern ones) are usually using all keys on the remote. Profiles for other device types (like sat, dvr etc) may not use all the keys so the unused keys would be inactive on the remote.

I hope it's now clear to you and I'm sorry if not. Maybe it's a language barrier as English is not my native tongue.

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Sorry, I think there was some miscommunication.

If you own an LG TV, then use a profile for LG TV for your TV. But don't use other LG TV profile to also control your Flirc because they would then interfere with each other. In that case use, for example, a Samsung TV profile for one Flirc and Panasonic TV profile for the other.

BTW do you already have at least one Flirc? Have you already played with Flirc GUI?

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