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Standby OK, Hibernation KO


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i have installed new Flirc on fresh Windows 10 64bit 1703.

Resume works in standby, but doesnt works in hibernation.

The mobo is Asrock J3455-ITX and i enabled "wake from keyboard/remote" on bios.

Resume hibernation from keyboard works perfectly.

Here what i tried to do:

  • Reinstall Flirc Software
  • Run it as admin
  • Reprogram various remote and keys
  • Check in hardware manager if "allow this device to wake up the computer" is on.
  • Tried to allow hybrid sleep
  • Tried to disable legacy usb and other usb's option on bios.
  • Tried USB2 and USB3 ports
  • Tried to update mobo driver

I think it's could be a Flirc's software problem / incompatibilty, because few times it's works, but i really can't understand why.

Someone can help me?

Thank you so much.



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here's the log i obtain from flirc_util:

<1>malloc_addblock(49): Heap Block: 0x20001FAC - 0x20002FFF (4k)
<3>init_modules(419): Module Load Error: &module = 0x0000EA80
<3>log_output_init(42): no log hw found
<3>init_modules(419): Module Load Error: &module = 0x0000EB10

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Hi, i reinstalled windows 10 1703 and flirc get working, so i take a system restore point.

But after a while Flirc stop working to resume from hibernation again.

I try to rewind to taken system restore point, but doesnt work.

So i try to reset bios and set all parameter as the first time, but doesnt work.

Can i get here some support?


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Is it a new (metal) Flirc? If yes, then please read this thread:

As a quick reply: there are some issues with resume in some hardware/os combinations (mainly on Windows as the same HW seems to work under Linux). @jason is investigating it and working hard to fix this.

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