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  1. You made it! After many attempts it works like a charm. Nice job @jason, thanks for support. Live long and prosper \\// :) Ciao
  2. It's a very good news that you have reproduced the problem ;) Now i'm sure you can do that. Good work :)
  3. Ok, i can write you all settings or i can send you a TrueImage image with my exact system. I think it will be around 30-40GB. I have enough space in Google Drive but i need few days for imaging and upload. Bios setting are default except "Wake from USB Keyboard/Remote" ENABLED Tell me which you prefer. PS: there's one problem...it's all in Italian language :) I could reinstall in English if you really really really need. Bye
  4. Hi, i will send you everything soon. Bye
  5. ok, i understand you, but J3455-ITX is a all-in-one 100$ mobo so there's no additional peripheral other than ram and disk. I'm not using logitech wireless device, and i tried both bios available. i tried both driver from Asrock website, both latest driver from intel website. bye
  6. we could all pitch in and buythe less expensive motherboard, if you Jason have a compatible cpu. Or we can buy my mobo (Asrock J3455-ITX) with cpu integrated for 100$. I'm ready to put 10$ or 20$ if needed. Someone else? Bye OT: Today i have build a nano-arduino ir receiver with relay, only for trigger the poweron's pins on mobo. It 's a good fallback waiting for working Flirc. But i have faith in Jason :D
  7. ok thanks. i have joined the other thread, waiting for fix. thanks for your support.
  8. Asrock J3455-ITX with integrated CPU J3455 Apollo Lake. Windows 10 x64 ver.1703 Other than Flirc i have only mouse and keyboard both cabled USB, both Logitech. If you need i could send you a complete log of hardware, tell me exactly what you need. Happy to help you if needed. Bye
  9. Hi, i reinstalled windows 10 1703 and flirc get working, so i take a system restore point. But after a while Flirc stop working to resume from hibernation again. I try to rewind to taken system restore point, but doesnt work. So i try to reset bios and set all parameter as the first time, but doesnt work. Can i get here some support? Thanks
  10. Hi, here's the log i obtain from flirc_util: <1>malloc_addblock(49): Heap Block: 0x20001FAC - 0x20002FFF (4k) <3>init_modules(419): Module Load Error: &module = 0x0000EA80 <3>log_output_init(42): no log hw found <3>init_modules(419): Module Load Error: &module = 0x0000EB10
  11. Hi, i have installed new Flirc on fresh Windows 10 64bit 1703. Resume works in standby, but doesnt works in hibernation. The mobo is Asrock J3455-ITX and i enabled "wake from keyboard/remote" on bios. Resume hibernation from keyboard works perfectly. Here what i tried to do: Reinstall Flirc Software Run it as admin Reprogram various remote and keys Check in hardware manager if "allow this device to wake up the computer" is on. Tried to allow hybrid sleep Tried to disable legacy usb and other usb's option on bios. Tried USB2 and USB3 ports Tried to update mobo driver I think it's could be a Flirc's software problem / incompatibilty, because few times it's works, but i really can't understand why. Someone can help me? Thank you so much. Bye
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