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Please. Someone reply. Need to configure Flirc SE but Flirc_util doesn't load.


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I've tried so many times to contact Flirc support. I've had no luck. It's as if this is a dead / abandoned project. No replies to emails, seemingly, no replies on forums. If someone, anyone, can help I'd really appreciate it.

I managed to get my Flirc SE working after first having a unit that shipped with a damaged USB connector.

I can run the regular Flirc program and assign keys, but the Flirc_util command utility will not open, so I'm not able to assign a power on/off command. Can anyone help? When I try to run flirc_util.exe a black box opens for a fraction of a second, then immediately closes.

How can I get this working? I've exhausted all options and it's really frustrating when I can't get in touch with support.

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Just me here. Just had a baby and we're all sick as dogs. 


You need to use command prompt. The windows terminal. Migrate to the flirc folder and type flirc_util.exe record power

very sorry. I can't do tech support over the phone at the moment.

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Thanks. Congrats on the baby, I understand you're preoccupied!


I'll try do that. So, just run CMD and type the directory followed by flirc_util.exe?



yeah. Post back here if you are having trouble. Sorry for falling off the planet. Been rough. 

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