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Misreading commands and buttons already used on new Flirc?


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So I bought a Flirc to be used on a PC I recently upgraded to Windows 10 and can no longer use WMC on it.

1)  Buttons presses on the remote are not always being read correctly.  For example, I'll hit 2 several times and it will be read as 2 or 3.  This goes for other buttons as well

2)  This may be due to #1 but when trying to record a button press the app complains I've used up that button already

This is not a remote issue.  I just tried the same remote on a PC that has a USB-UIRT connected to it and had 0 issues with button presses being read correctly.  Why would this be happening?  This is on a NUC that has a IR sensor so not sure if there are any conflicts there but I don't see any activity in Eventghost regarding this.  I also don't see any issues in Eventghost when I use the same remote on my USB UIRT - the key presses are read as keyboard strokes

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