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  1. Eventghost doesn't pick up and of the remote button presses so I'm not sure how to change what the remote is doing. Do I simply replace or add a button using the app and everything else will be the same? For example, I'm trying to use this with the HDHomerun View app. Some of the buttons work ok while others do not. Channel up / down is treated as up / down. I'd like to change these buttons to be page up / down so it works as expected. Can I just load up the app and change those specific buttons without messing up the rest of the config? I also need to add other stuff that would launch / close the app as well.
  2. Switching my Harmony to the Flirc profile seems to address all of this
  3. So I bought a Flirc to be used on a PC I recently upgraded to Windows 10 and can no longer use WMC on it. 1) Buttons presses on the remote are not always being read correctly. For example, I'll hit 2 several times and it will be read as 2 or 3. This goes for other buttons as well 2) This may be due to #1 but when trying to record a button press the app complains I've used up that button already This is not a remote issue. I just tried the same remote on a PC that has a USB-UIRT connected to it and had 0 issues with button presses being read correctly. Why would this be happening? This is on a NUC that has a IR sensor so not sure if there are any conflicts there but I don't see any activity in Eventghost regarding this. I also don't see any issues in Eventghost when I use the same remote on my USB UIRT - the key presses are read as keyboard strokes
  4. I forgot about this thread before buying the Flirc. I guess development in general has been pretty much abandoned since we never saw an official profile for Shield? I'll see what I can do with what has been posted, though
  5. Hi. Thanks for this. Does this also sleep / wake the Shield?
  6. Hey guys. It's been a while since I've used my Flirc (not since 2012) so not even sure if there has been an update to it hardware wise but I've been thinking about using this as a way to wake my PC while I use my USB-UIRT to control everything else. I've been having issues with waking my PC with the device but I have so much configured around the USB-UIRT that I don't want to abandon it. I figured I could try to use the Flirc to wake up the PC though. I should be able to just set the wake button and have nothing else mapped so it doesn't interfere with the USB-UIRT?
  7. Thanks guys. I actually want to avoid having to use multiple profiles on my remote. It'll be confusing for someone else to use With that said, I made some changes... 1) I reverted back to using the integrated WMC version of TMT. This allows me to use WMC shortcuts instead of TMT's which brings it down to just two apps I need to worry about 2) I remapped some of the keys in XBMC using the link you provided Chris. I got most of the functionality I want in WMC by adding the keyboard shortcuts to XBMC. The great thing is that I can still use the old keyboard shortcuts in XBMC even though I have the additional. This allows me to still use my iphone or ipad to control XBMC since the apps rely on the original keyboard shortcuts Almost got this working the way I want. Now just need to work on sleep / wake :)
  8. I think it makes sense to. But I feel like if you're going to have a sticky on recommended remotes for Harmony already it wouldn't hurt to also mention about delay settings.
  9. Will do but first want to get my set up working the way I want as I'm still very new to Flirc :) Yeah, I can change XBMC to be more similar to WMC but that still leaves out TMT. I end up with very basic functionality if I don't make any changes
  10. I see a beta firmware for media keys - that could get me going for at least the most used keys
  11. Changing the delay in the remote settings helped a bit. Don't think it's much of an issue now. I would probably add that info to the sticky as well. When I first added the Panasonic remote, it was at 1000ms. Changing it to 100ms made a big difference
  12. So I'm starting to realize the complexity of my setup when using Flirc because of lack of uniformity in keyboard shortcuts. Pretty puzzling to me that media app developers wouldn't use default shortcuts within a builtin app (WMC) for their own apps but I guess I have to work around that Anyway, I use... WMC - for pictures and music mostly because I'm not fond of music in XBMC TMT5 - playback bluray folder rips XBMC - all other video playback I currently don't see of any way to properly control all of my apps without losing most functionality from one and having to change the other. For example, I can remap my shortcuts in XBMC to best suit TMT5 but that means WMC will mostly be problematic Or am I wrong? Is there way around this?
  13. Yeah, I think it's necessary. I just tried to use the same config I had with the USB UIRT and it's worse off than using the Panasonic remote config I hope Jason can fix this as well
  14. Are you still not using your Harmony? Curious if you figured out a way around the lag. I don't think it's the remote considering the fact that I've been using my Harmony for the past 2 years perfectly with a different USB receiver. I was using a Windows Remote profile so maybe I should try switching back to that
  15. Edit - I see the sticky post only addresses repeat keys so my fault There should probably be another post mentioning there is an outsanding issue with sticky keys. I don't think I would have purchased a flirc if I knew it performed this way. For now I'm back to using my USB UIRT
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