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Windows 10 Driver Problems


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Hi Jason.

I have Flirc generation 1 for a long time. Now I would like to reconfigure Flirc, but I cannot make it working on Windows 10 20H2. I installed latest version of Flirc installer 3.25.4, but it looks like no drivers are included and app shows disconnected. I tryed install driver by Zadig utility, but also after successful installation shows app "disconnected".

Thanks for your response.

Kind regards.


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I've encountered the same issue after installing flirc gen1 on my new device after a while of not using it.

Flirc-Setup-3.25.4.exe does not install the driver so I installed the old one from the sticky topic.

Flirc-Setup-3.25.2.exe installs fine but the old issue with inability to update firmware 3.11 -> 3.12 popped up back again

Flirc-Setup-3.25.4.exe installed on top makes flirc unrecognisable again. This is a mess with a long history.

Is there a chance to finally sort it out?


Here is the link to the firmware problem:


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I have a similar situation. I have a Flirc Gen 1 with firmware 4.9.3. I am running Windows 10 latest version.

When I downloaded the Flirc software, I apparently got 3.25.4. When I do a check for new version, I tells me that version 3.25.5 is available, but after the download and upgrade, I still have 3.25.4.

In the log file, it says that Gen 1 devices are not supported.

I found the forum article about Gen 1 support. From there I downloaded the 3.25.2 version of the software. I installed it and it complains that it needs firmware 4.1, which seems older than what I have. I cannot say for sure if 3.25.2 works or not. It is good to know that there is no intention of discontinuing support for Gen 1 devices.

Anyway, at this point the most important issue for me is that I want to know what a certain button on my remote actually sends. I there a way to find out? I suppose it is somewhere in the Flirc configuration file, but unfortunately that is not human readable (like f.i. a .xml file).







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