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Flirc Gen1 Driver and Software

For some reason, the windows software was artificially flagged as having a virus. This was a chrome / firefox issue. When you download a file, they do an online virus scanner, and one of the 20 scans falsely flagged it. I could not figure it out. Once downloaded, no virus existed in the software.

The only thing I could think of, was the installer for the Flirc Gen1 Drivers. They are not needed for the Gen2 device, since the new device runs without drivers.

The current software on the site is stripped of the driver install for gen1. I don't see any more virus flags, but I'm still unable to say for certain if this was the issue. Particularly because the version prior to the last doesn't seem to show anything. Here is a download that has the driver installer: https://flirc.tv/software/flirc-usb/GUI/release/windows/Flirc-Setup-3.25.2.exe

So for now, let's rely on this. I will be putting together a support page specifically for the gen1 hardware, which will have the driver installer as a separate installer until I can figure this out. I do not plan on discontinuing support for gen1.

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