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Many Problems as a new user - very disappointed


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Hey all...


So i got my brand new FLIRC USB..... i search the forum for my problem....any it seems that all the solutions didn't work for me....


I'm using a regular IR remote control....and windows 8.1 64bit...


I upgraded the firmware of the devise to the last version available (3.3)...and have the following problems:


1. Double click press - I tried the solution that was on the forum (with changing delay time) - didn't work.

2. Many presses don't register in the system and it's like i didn't press nothing (i have a clear line between the FLIRC and the remote) - some time it work and some time it's like i sad - NOTING !

3. When it works the delay time is too long (or it come from problem #2) i cant navigate normally.


On youtube the FLIRC looks great....but it's just wont work for me....what can i do?


Or there is no solution and I will have to return it :/


Thank you.

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Based on the Windows key in the upper right corner I'm guessing that this is an MCE remote. MCE remotes are using RC6 IR protocol which uses different signal on each consecutive key press.


There are at least 2 different signals for each key (sometimes there are even more). Flirc can't automatically figure out what are the other codes for the same key so you need to program it to recognize them. Select a key you want to program into Flirc and press it in the GUI and then press the button on the remote. Then repeat the procedure for the same key until you get an error that the button is already recorded.

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