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  1. This problem came up more then a month ago and one of the admins promise a downgrade guide and you guys didn't deliver on your promise until now! The 3.x firmware does a lot of problem to a lot of people so until you make a normal firmware you guys need to a give us a temporary solution... Please answer us ASAP i have 3 FLIRCs that i can't use because this horrible firmware. Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks!
  2. I buy my FLIRC a few months ago and all good and well....today i wanted to upgrade the firmware and set the remote with the updated FLIRC.... it seems that for example, when i set my 2 key on the remote and select the number 2 on the "full keyboard" in the flirc app... and then select the 5 key on the remote it show me an error that the button is already exists.... i'm using the xtreamer ultra remote: https://shop.xtreamer.net/products/Xtreamer-Ultra-Remote-control.html thank you!
  3. Well thank you for your answer... I didn't notice that.... may bad :/ Any way....I just don't get it, why can i ship 1 item per order and not more? if you already accept orders to ship to Israel, you just need to add more to the package it's not that big of a package... So i just order 2 times in 2 different orders on the site because in all the other sites is more expansive for me. Thank you for your help. Appreciate it.
  4. The problem is not to add items to cart....the problem is when i'm in the "Shipping Method" section....as you can see here: I'm trying to ship to Israel. P.S. if i'm trying with one item: http://imageshack.com/a/img537/6940/yvVCyq.jpg
  5. Hey all!... I want to order 3 FLIRC's In one shipment but the site won't let me. Only if i order 1 FLIRC it's possible to order to my country. why is that? Will it be possible to order 3 item's in one shipment? The site tolled me to contact the sales department but the mail there is: sales@mystoredotcom (not a real mail) so i wrote here... Thank you, Adi.
  6. Put it on 3.....still have the same problem. BTW - Thank you buth very much for the help!!!
  7. OK....looks like yawor was right....the remote react better now....but still have (much less now) the double press problem....which delay time should i choose ?
  8. But i did that and it still do the same problem. I'm using this remote: https://shop.xtreamer.net/products/Xtreamer-Ultra-Remote-control.html Edit: Just tried with a different remote, and used different delay times..... - still the same problem.
  9. Hey all... So i got my brand new FLIRC USB..... i search the forum for my problem....any it seems that all the solutions didn't work for me.... I'm using a regular IR remote control....and windows 8.1 64bit... I upgraded the firmware of the devise to the last version available (3.3)...and have the following problems: 1. Double click press - I tried the solution that was on the forum (with changing delay time) - didn't work. 2. Many presses don't register in the system and it's like i didn't press nothing (i have a clear line between the FLIRC and the remote) - some time it work and some time it's like i sad - NOTING ! 3. When it works the delay time is too long (or it come from problem #2) i cant navigate normally. On youtube the FLIRC looks great....but it's just wont work for me....what can i do? Or there is no solution and I will have to return it :/ Thank you.
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