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How to update to the latest firmware?


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I am in the same position and from what I can gather the updated firmware is embedded in the app updates. It is supposed to prompt you to update the remote firmware, but I've never seen this.

Take a look at the Beta section for Jason's latest post - update with IR learning. This says that firmware 4.13.2 is included, but I am not prompted to install it and still have 4.12.18

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I read this thread and followed the instructions...It tried to update the firmware, however, the prompt that came up just updated the same firmware I already had which is 4.12.22.  Is there a different app that needs to be downloaded? The mac App I have that I tried to update the firmware is 0.9.955


I bought a Skip remote about 2 weeks ago and the battery is already dead. I took the batteries out and put in brand new batteries. Still dead: I took out the new ones and put in another pair of new ones..and it worked. It should be noted that I have a battery tester and the batteries were green meaning still good full charge. This leads me to think that these remotes have a software or firmware problem that causes the remote to think the battery is dead. I ordered another one not knowing this was a problem .
Remote model: SKIP.1S.RELEASE.A06
Registration date: 12-22-23
Firmware: 4.12.22-0-g214efde

I use a Mac

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