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Why must I pass through a TV Power cycle to change from one activity to another?


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I really want to love this remote, but there seems to be some fundamental issues with even a simple configuration:

Samsung TV
Apple TV on HDMI1
Kodi Odroid Box on HDMI2

Activity A: Samsung TV + Kodi Box
Activity B: Samsung TV + Apple TV

I've tried everything, but I can find no way to simply switch between Kodi and Apple TV without the TV having to go through a power cycle to pass between activities.

I have tried removing the TV Power on / off / Power toggle from Activity B and sure, that allows me to send an HDMI2 command when I press the off button (But I'm not really turning off), then I have to press Activity A, to switch back to the Kodi activity commands. Power Off can then only be done from Activity A.

Am I missing something?

What I expect is that Power On / Off turns on / off the whole 'set' of equipment, irrespective of what activity I want to use. The Activity Buttons in my mind ought to also be programmable to Turn on devices and select the right inputs, it shouldn't be a two step [Activity A] >> [Power On]

Looking forward to some advice / maybe software updates - as it stands, "Wife Acceptance Factor" is standing at ZERO and this remains a weekend hobby.



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The simplest way is to use a redundant button ( say 1 or 2) and program it to switch the HDMI and power off the unwanted device and power on the other. then you need to press A or B to get the right control functions.

If you do this for both activities then you can simply switch between the 2 .

Power on/off will only turn on/off the devices assigned to A or B, so by turning off the un wanted source, you will keep everything in sync.

It takes a while to unlearn the way your previous device works, but I like the way selection of  A/B/C is independent of the power button, but does control what the power button will do.

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5 hours ago, jason said:

Smarter activity switching is coming.

Great to hear

+1000 Looking forward to that.

I’m absolutely confident you have a winner with this hardware if you can just smooth the user (wife) experience. Remember, this product is all about the daily / hourly use not the 4 - 6 hours of time spent in the config app.

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