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Is there a way for the Flirc 1s to send a command say after 10 seconds from the power on command? Delay doesn't seem to be working, no matter how many repeats or seconds I set. My receiver turns on slowly and defaults to a particular HDMI input. I need to send a command to change the input, but need to wait until the other CEC devices all power up. I can make this work by hardcoding the new input command to another key and then pressing it after all devices are powered up. I'd like to however have this command sent after a certain delay. Is there a straight delay function or some other way of programming this?

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I just received my remote and noticed the same behavior. If I click "Test Actions" in the app, the macro runs correctly with the set delays. But after unplugging and pressing the button on the remote, each item in the macro is run without any noticeable delay. Probably related, changing the delay amount on any action doesn't enable the sync button. Changing anything else, including the repeat slider, does enable the sync button.

I dug through the forum and saw issues with delay in the past, but it looks like they were fixed. Maybe this is a regression of an old bug.

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Agree on the Sync. It is broken and buggy. Only works some of the time after a change. You need to close the app and restart and it will either sync automatically (not sure why) or show the sync button enabled. Very frustrating and I would have thought would be fixed by now.

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~crickets~ C'mon guys, this is a pretty major bug in your software. I'm not asking for a miraculous next day fix, but acknowledging it would be nice. (A public-facing issue tracker would be even cooler.)

For what it's worth, I've worked around the delay problem, but it's pretty involved.

I ended up:

  • Pairing a Flirc USB receiver with a Raspberry Pi
  • Writing a script to capture USB input and publish messages to an MQTT broker
  • Creating Home Assistant automations with MQTT triggers that power on/off devices, change inputs, etc.

So a single keycode from the Skip remote can trigger an automation that performs any number of actions. The nice part is that this allows for much more powerful and complex routines. For example, rather than a dumb 5 second delay after powering on my TV, I can wait for the TV state to change in Home Assistant.

If you happen to have a Shield TV, you could skip the RPi and MQTT, and fire webhooks from the Button Mapper app instead. Although you'd still need to run Home Assistant somewhere. Also, if you have any IR-only media devices not connected to your network, you'd need an additional device like the Broadlink RM4 to control them with Home Assistant.

My intention when buying this remote was to pair it with Home Assistant, so I was willing to deal with the workaround. But I understand it's a lot for the general audience to handle.

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yep, the delay doesn't seem to work or is not doing the set amount of time correctly.
I have a power on that I have to switch the tv to HDMI 4 and even if I set the delay to 10 seconds on one command

and 6 on the next the switch to HDMI happens once in a blue moon which leads me to believe it's not waiting

the specified amount of seconds.

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Jesus christ, I was losing my mind. Stupid stupid. The GUI config isn't including this in the config on the device. Jesus christ. When missing, I default to 1s on the remote, which coincidentally, all my configs are set on. I'm so sorry. I'll have an update hopefully tomorrow. It will be small to include this along with a couple more database additions.

You can see below, I have my repeat count, but no delay. 

Sorry, this must have been so frustrating.

CleanShot 2023-09-19 at 22.49.38.png

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