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Windows Software crashing


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Received my remote last week.  Not sure if I'm part of the beta program or a regular kickstarter user.  Anyway, initially, I was able to connect the remote to the Windows 11 Skip App 0.9.6 [master].  After that, I really got down to configuring it.  I had rebooted my system after the software install like the instructions said.  Made initial configuration. Went on to other things and got back to the configuring a day later.  Now, each time I start the app, it either immediately closes, or allows me one or two actions and then closes.  Totally useless now.

Let me know what other diagnostics I can provide to track this issue.

Is there a new windows version available?




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I'm sorry, but where do I go to download the 0.9.66 beta?  The link provided details how to get the config.json file but my current version doesn't stay up long enough to interact with it. The location %localappdata%\Packages\1ee3f564-2cd0-4ef3-af35-da985b1d7f00_sddpyax1dmvqm\LocalState does not exist on my Windows 11 system.

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1 hour ago, tfrohling said:

Sorry, spoke too soon.  Still crashing after doing just a little programming of the remote. and pinning the app to the taskbar, if that makes any difference.

Can you report in that thread I linked? That'll get the fastest eyes.

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