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Onkyo Receiver and other notes

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I just got my remote today! The software has been a bit buggy but definitely usable.


Some things I have discovered that I would like to share:

  • I'm using an Onkyo TX-SR393 receiver (remote RC-970R). It currently is not supported in Skip App 0.9.4, which isn't a big deal except for input switching.
  • My Blu-Ray Disc player is a Sony BDP-S185 (remote RMT-B118A). The default profile is pretty good, but one issue I discovered is that just having play be the option on the play/pause button removes the ability to pause. Setting the button to send the pause command resolves the issue and the play/pause button acts as expected.
  • I can turn my Xbox One S console on, but am unable to turn it off, at least with the default mapping.


Some day one thoughts:

  • I really think we need the ability to add custom codes. I get that this can cause some complexity, but I'd rather be able to add a custom code and be able to at least use some device functions rather than having to use a separate remote until the device gets added.
  • I'd like to have long-press and double-press commands. For example, pressing the stop button could stop disc playback, but then pressing and holding it could eject the disc.
  • Keep it up! My end goal is to replace at least four remotes with this! My config is well on its way to replacing the TV, Blu-Ray, and Xbox media remotes. The receiver will (obviously) have to come later and once I can have more than three profiles I'll set up one for PC use (likely Jellyfin and/or Kodi) and maybe even see if I can get it working with a VCR.


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Thanks so much for the helpful feedback, that was great.

You can add custom codes now, I just need to document how to do it. It's really easy, you drop codes into a human readable file, and load it into the app. I would like others to share it and I'll incorporate them into updates.

If you've found any of the codes, I can put together a tutorial on this. 

But none of these worked?


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I have similar receiver as yours, you may want to try this.

I'm using Onkyo TX-NR686 (Remote RC-911R). It works well with Skip 1s for volume control and input switching.

I selected this model in the Skip app:

TX/DTR/DHC Series Main Zone All Models (Receiver/Preamp)


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