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  1. From what I remember Jason telling me he managed to sort the profile out with a nice guy from harmony so i'm not sure of the exact channels we would have to go through. There would probably have to be a bit of tinkering done from harmony's end and from Flirc's pre-assigned keys end Irregardless; with Kodi coming up fast this is something that should be sorted out sooner rather than later - thanks for pointing it out :)
  2. Maybe you need to not have XBMC in focus before running your excitable. e.g. on mac press apple-key + tab to scroll to the finder (so the OS is in focus) then try pressing the button to run your script. It's my only suggestion... hopefully it's a good one.
  3. I did try to make it obvious in the forums. It is the first subforum. It has been considered, however Flirc is a one man project (for a great cause http://www.flirc.tv/fundraising/ ). A couple are great people spend their free time trying to help (many thanks to yawor). You're much more likely to get a quicker response on the forum This video also gives a pretty good overview and it's in the first couple of hits if you search on YouTube:
  4. I wouldn't worry about being on the absolute latest RC release. However the software has the latest firmware for flirc built in so you'll have the correct firmware for the software. And for those stumbling across this thread, OP managed to sort it out:
  5. MCE Remote addon is for MCE IR receiver (I.e. not the remote) Flirc addon/GUI is for Flirc IR receiver. Flirc will work with MCE remote controls, there's even improved support coming for it in the latest betas
  6. It was my impression that it was still beta (as it's in a beta forum: http://forum.flirc.tv/index.php?/forum/55-xbmc-plugin/ ) so this sort of thing could still happen. Have you managed to disable it ok?
  7. You shouldn't need the Flirc app open to use flirc (only to program Flirc). This might be because the short-key mapped in mac isn't a global one (i.e. it only works when the window is in focus) What short-key combination are you using and this combination runs an automator action?
  8. Still seems like a driver issue, try following this guide: https://flirc.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/201160137-Device-Disconnects-When-Pressing-Remote-Button
  9. If you download the latest GUI it will upgrade flirc to the latest FW, it has the same built in support for the flirc harmony remote profile.
  10. That should be the case. The mythbuntu box was tested with a text editor too? This is strange
  11. Try here: https://flirc.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/200819847-Upgrade-Failed
  12. I don't really have anything useful to add other than if other stumble across this thread; This is our suggestion for when flirc isn't working with windows - https://flirc.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/200984473-Manual-Driver-Installation
  13. Chris!

    Key repeat

    Oops, by bad. Yeah I did mean "inter-key". Apologies
  14. Chris!

    Key repeat

    You can adjust the key repeat rate in the flirc GUI. File ---> Advanced settings What remote are you using?
  15. Try this: https://flirc.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/200819847-Upgrade-Failed
  16. The samsung is one I used to use without any problems. Maybe something got corrupted in your myharmony set-up and you need to start from scratch (just a suggestion - no claims to be the correct answer) Maybe try a panasonic if you want a different profile: Manufacturer: Panasonic Device: TC-P65VT30
  17. I believe you assign a remote button to be a "wake button" using the Flirc GUI
  18. Chris!

    Complete earase ?

    No worries :) In the Flirc GUI: File ---> Clear configuration
  19. So you've cleared the configuration for flirc (in the Flirc GUI - File --> Clear configuration)? Just so I understand corrected. If you're using an IR repeater, I recommend programming the flirc using the IR repeater
  20. This is really a harmony programming issue. You should be able to assign buttons to the VCR/Aux using the XBMC profile you mentioned. Try asking the harmony support if you continue to have issues - they'll be better placed to guide you
  21. Not sure if this a good course of action but have you tried clearing the configuration of flirc then re-programming?
  22. Wake from sleep is really the closest to power on or off using flirc: https://flirc.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/200904676-Getting-flirc-to-wake-up-your-computer
  23. Do you have Flirc hardware?
  24. I've been led to believe that it is possible to implement, no ETA on it though unfortunately
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