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  1. Well, I'll keep my fingers crossed.
  2. I guess it is related the the other thread. I tried mapping the keys in reverse order (e.g, clicking up, then shift, then ctrl) hoping that this would mean that the shift and ctrl where still 'pressed' during the up_keyup event but when I do this it only outputs the up key. Is the order/timing of keys due to the hardware or could it in theory support more complex timing? Ideally the gui would record a key combination and play it back verbatim..
  3. Actually, it would be nice if the app could just record a sequence of key presses and play that back, that is how my logitech mouse works when programming it's additional buttons.
  4. I am using the windows GUI to program my new FLIRC for DVB Dream. I mapped Ctrl-Shift-Up but it is not being recognised by DVB Dream. Having tested the button with a program that outputs key presses, I noticed that the sequence output by FLIRC is: Ctrl key_down Shift key_down Up key_down Ctrl key_up Shift key_up Up key_up. I think that the problem is that the DVB Dream application is registering the Up key_up event and at this point the Ctrl and Shift keys have been released. How can I solve this problem? I've tried searching but I can't find anything about this in the help, forums or anything obvious within the GUI.
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