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  1. Hi All, Been a while.. Can someone point me in the direction of how i can get the flirc working with my Pi3 that is running Kodi? I will be using a logitec Harmony remote. Also does Flirc have Firmware revisions? as mine near 2 years old i think.. Thanks sam
  2. Hi Guys, Not been here for a while... Are you still on Beta FW for the Harmony remotes? Is there a list of issues reported currently on the Beta. when is the official release coming out..? and what fixes will it contains. Sam
  3. Remote being used Logitech Harmony Ultimate Acer Revo Flirc with Beta Firmware Pros Saves using a keyboard \ Mouse looks like a proper device controlled by a proper remote Cons amm... Overall It just works - simple, no messing around programming etc with the beta FW
  4. Wow i see my original post is still holding up... :) My daughter has broken my Harmony one remote - and Logitech offered me 35% discount on a new one :) (for anyone in a similar situation) you just need to ask them.. thinking of buying this http://www.logitech.com/en-gb/product/harmony-ultimate?crid=60 anyone know if this will work ok with the Flirc?
  5. Hi Chris, over the last few days i noticed the keys running.. So if i click down once it jumps to the bottom...and same for top.. i have not changed anything.. Also i am thinking of ditching the Harmony Remote - its just too slow..is this a remote thing of a Flirc Issue..? I have a apple remote i guess i would have to delete the Harmony remote from within Flirc to get this working to test if it works any better? Sam
  6. Update: Been afew days now, and i must say i am really happy with the way the Flirc Works - I even got my activities to work on the remote. This switches on the Amp and TV on the correct inputs & shutdown... I found i have to manually start and exist flirc using the additional buttons i configured on the Harmony... The PC stays on all the time.. Still cant believe how easy it it..
  7. Is it possible to program this to flirc \ Harmony? [numbers] thenReturn Jump to that time in playback. E.g,, 1234+return will jump to 12 minutes and 34 seconds. ⇧ Shift+LETTER Jump to that letter in a list Also there is no printsrc on the full keyboard - any thoughts if i can get this mapped to the harmony?
  8. d I was thinking of having the apple remote to use as sometimes its little easier to use then the harmony,, specially for the kids.. so the apple will perform simple functions -
  9. Right, yep, that did the trick.. i am still finding it little sluggish to use the harmony - that's comparing it to the apple remote with apple tv 2 \ xbmc not to worry about activities - think i have got it to work - required some work but seems ok.. thanks again
  10. Chris, Been at it for 3 hours! going to bed now..still made a fair bit of progress.. 2 sticking point for me.. 1: Is there any info or guide on how i can setup an activity on the Harmony? i have go it working, but had to re-assign the buttons again for the activity? 2: every thing seems to be ok, but when i go to movies and have to search (enter a search string) i cant use the arrow to move to the letters to type them in...same for like Vevo (cant seem to move the cursor to the letters) Letters and numbers listed - you can scroll over what you want to type and click ok...(not working) the arrow keys work fine otherwise.. Sam
  11. I think the remote is now working.. i did not use all the commands - but all seems good.. now trying to figure out how to get the activities setup - so the amp, tv, media center work as one
  12. Hi Chris, More of an update - i changed the value to 0 as per link - this did stop the running away of the cursor.. but i am still finding the scrolling little slow..but its accurate, just slow.. Doing this as well speeded up the scrolling.. :-) Power on delay: 8000 Inter-key delay: 0 Input delay: 500 Inter-device delay: 500
  13. new keys learnt, but the harmony not responding in windows or xbmc... it did work once - but i made a mistake,so cleared it and tried again...and remote not working this time around.. after pairing the keys do i need to save the configuration?
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