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  1. Rude NO I was using caps to enunciate the important words so people will pay attention when they are READING what I typed I only started using the CAPS when it became apparent that they were not comprehending what was being typed to them. Go back read this whole post again first thing I asked for was "Help I need step by step instructions on how to use the FLIRC." WHY didnt someone give me the link in their first reply? RUDE is someone telling me the video plays fine for them LIKE ITS MY FAULT I didnt create the broken video problem, their was NO REASON for you to even mention this all you needed to do was provide the info to the video but NO you had to take your smart ass jabs at someone obliviously looking for help. The FLIRC is going back for a refund, the poor support and lack of documentation has wasted enough of my time I will never get back not wasting any more. Hopefully the OWNER of this product and this website will read this mess and do something to keep from driving future customers away from his business, I WOULD SEND HIM A EMAIL if I had his email address. Thanks for the run around and for wasting my time. YEAH I was intentionally trying to be rude in this reply just paying back the favor you extended to me.
  2. Ok I am still lost "The "force firmware upgrade" is an option menu in the software itself." Were back to the step by step instructions question, its what prompted me to sign up for this site and ask for STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS in the first place. I am sure you have done the force firmware thing many times I have no clue where to start. Tech support needs to understand I have no clue and need to be taught how to use the FLIRC you cant ASSume I know what forced firmware thing is you had me looking on the downloads page for a forced download file to download now I find out I am suppose to be in looking in a program or something? Where do I go or who do I contact to get official tech support? Never in a 100 years would I have clicked on "Store Front" to get back to the home page of this website, just another thing ASSumed by this creator of the FLIRC? I guess it makes sense to the creator who knows where everything is already and where to find it? Its like me going inside the FLIRK owners house and knowing what cabinet to open to get a glass, never been their or done it need instructions.... If nobody has STEP BY STEP comprehensive instructions for someone that has absolutely no clue what he is doing then PLEASE DO NOT REPLY all your doing is confusing me more.
  3. This whole FLIRC thing has been a frustrating and time consuming experience for me, you have to remember I am completely FLIRC ignorant, as you read on your seeing feedback from someone that is seeing a blank page in in his mind when you say FLIRC, please don't take my feedback the wrong way. Suggestions based on my experience so far. Add a search button to at least the main page of the site if not to the header of every page on the site so people can search the sites content when all else fails. Add a Home page link to every page on the website, for example in the page header of the forums so when a user needs to go back to the main site. Add link to videos so users can download it off your server and watch as a fail safe when the video on the main page fails to play, I have never had a video on YouTube fail to play for me yet all the failed videos I have encountered on the web was on YouTube want to be sites, maybe consider dumping copies on YouTube also. Consider adding a link to latest firmware on front page and on "Downloads" page, the only way I found the firmware was by coming here and you providing me the link but now I have the link to the firmware I am confused even more than ever, I go here and it says " !! WINDOWS USERS: Go to advanced->force firmware upgrade" Ok great I am a windows user so where is the "force firmware upgrade" for me to download and use? Their needs to be a link to the file so I can download spent 10 minutes trying to find the "force firmware upgrade" with no luck. When I go to the "Support" page that page has no use to me I expected to find things like you find on all other hardware sites when you click on support, once you locate your product in support it provides updated direct links to all documentation, tutorials, user manuals software upgrades, firmware updates, I bet the FLIRC business owner has been to a few hardware sites in the past so knows what I am trying to say. You might consider adding tutorials on main page right below "Easy Setup " I looked for this easy setup info and have yet to find it, the wife and I both laughed when we go back to the main page and see "Easy Setup" while searching for the setup info. Consider a EMAIL link on ALL PAGES so a owner of a FLIRC can contact the company in case they have problems or questions. I stumbled onto a helpful video on YouTube, its a low quality video shot one handed with a cell phone but it covers enough about the FLIRC to make me dangerous the video leaves me with a bunch of other questions I will reserve until after I am directed to the correct firmware link and update the firmware maybe the new firmware and the instructions will help answer all my other questions. I played with my current remote just enough to discover that I need another remote so went and bought a new one its a RCA remote RCRN04GR you can go here and plug the model number into the "Search" and it takes you to the info http://voxrightnow.custhelp.com/app/home/session/L2F2LzEvdGltZS8xNDEyMTQ5NzczL3NpZC9hT200UEwzbQ%3D%3D I bought and built a Raspberry Pi to run Openelec on then decided it would be easier to use a remote than a keyboard and mouse I stumbled on to the FLIRC when researching remotes for the Raspberry Pi. Thanks for the help the FLIRC looks like what I need and a solid product I just need the info on how to use and maintain it.
  4. Trying to figure out how to get a email notification of any replies.
  5. Help I need step by step instructions on how to use the FLIRC. Where I am so far, bought the FLIRC open the package and it says to go to the website for the free software, so I download the software, no instruction to be found any place, I assume since this plugs into the USB I plugged it into my computers USB port. Have no clue what to do next. Clicked on "Support" on the web page found no basic install or use instructions. On the main page its says. How it Works Flirc learns any remote control, not caring about different vendor protocols. Just walk through our super simple setup pairing individual remote buttons with 'Media Center Buttons' and you're done. I have no idea what any of that statement means or how to make it apply to the FLIRC, their is a "Video" button I click on the link I get a black window that pops up, no video, no sound just a black box on my screen. Please help.
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