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  1. Have you checked the buttons are mapped to something in the harmony software. On my harmony remote (300) the profile buttons light up if the key is sending a signal. If they don't light up they can't be programmed in Flirc, often it's just a case of assigning anything to them in the myharmony.com utility
  2. I assumed it worked too but i've just tried it on my parent's computer and it doesn't work :( I can't think of anything to change that would help. Anyone else have any suggestions?
  3. Oh no, he didn't get back to you. Sorry about that. I think he has been very busy recently. Did you try my suggestion of trying to re-upload the stable firmware? It might take a couple of tries but it should work
  4. There is an XBMC add-on in the making: http://blog.flirc.tv/one-more-thing-weve-got-an-xbmc-plugin/ That might help
  5. It is possible. I'll highlight the thread to Jason and hopefully he'll pick up on it soon. I think the best way to get Jason to look into it is contact support@flirc.tv and reference this thread in your email - this way is more organised for him I think
  6. Strange. I'm sure Jason would be interested in debugging the issue with you at somepoint. For the moment, which firmware are you using? 100% agree
  7. You can always change your harmony to a tv device: I don't think the flirc harmony profile is perfect... but it's damn close!
  8. Hmm. Firmware may have thrown a funny. Try re-uploading the firmware and clearing the configuration: http://blog.flirc.tv/library-version-history/
  9. Chris!

    I'm struggling!

    Hi psykix, welcome to the forums, You're over complicating it. It doesn't matter what you program the remote buttons as because you're telling Flirc what to translate those buttons into what keyboard press. See our harmony thread in the "getting started" subforum then try programming Flirc using the keyboard layout (matching them to the media portal shortcuts) Let me know if there's any problems :)
  10. No worries. Not sure on that one, I only have the cheaper harmony so can't test it. The exit button on the harmony profile is mapped to backspace ()
  11. We're working on adding buttons that the user can customise in the harmony setting for flirc. It's my number 1 request too! For the meantime you have to choose between nice response times (flirc harmony setting) and customisation (using a tv device on your harmony to control flirc)
  12. You got it in there :) . Switch to keyboard controller in the flirc GUI and map the remote button to esc
  13. People have been saying you can drop the video into chrome then press the chromecast button and the chromecast will play it. Probably will get one for Netflix (read: Binge watching breaking bad)
  14. Unfortunately that's a harmony issue - not us
  15. We will get back to you (or rather Jason will). We have full time jobs and families which compete for our time too - don't worry we won't leave you with a useless Flirc. This means that it's still "alive" it's just got to have the firmware flashed onto it - sometimes it makes a few tries. I'll let Jason take over on this thread as he'll be more helpful. I will say one thing, just in case: Remember to use the right software for the right firmware (Beta software for beta firmware and stable software for stable firmware). When in doubt, use the stable ones:
  16. This thread is a bit more detailed: Does this help?
  17. Hi cris, Flirc can work with the keys that already exist on the harmony - you will need to program the keys in the flirc gui (which seems to be what you want to do). I'm sure flirc will do want you want it to, wait until you have it - it's much simpler when you have it than when you're reading about it etc. If you have any more problems; make a new forum thread in the general questions and we'll help :)
  18. Sounds more like a driver issue to me. Is your HTPC windows 7 x64?
  19. Done. Just noticed that you've changed your name to deadpool from budwyzer. Chromecast probably won't be much related to Flirc as it doesn't have a menu to control
  20. Very nice! Thanks for making that guide :)
  21. In the case of Windows (MCE & xbox etc) remotes they toggle between two different keys for the same remote control press (something to do with detecting if someone has walked in the line of signal I think). The remotes should work, Jason will take a look at the configuration file (he knows way more than me) and will be able to offer a solution. Sorry your flirc isn't going as smoothly as it does for other users :(
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