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  1. @jason thanks for coming back with a response on this and sharing a detailed response it's much appreciated.  I'll drop a Pm over in a bit on just some thoughts in case they help.

    Again thanks for everything you and the team are doing, it's not easy when there are so many moving parts.


  2. 7 hours ago, jason said:

    We released an update that will try and detect this and if so, send you to a link to download a utility to try and turn this off, hotplug the device, as well as remove the restricted interface and filter driver that steam installed. 

    I note the test version we had lost the update channel, so had to go back to a earlier release and update and have 0.9.966 beta now installed.

    With the service re-enabled.

    Fire it up first time, it didn't work was a bit odd (may have been me).  Did create the remote, skipped passed the add device stuff so I could just do a restore (an option for this at the start might be good, especially as it seems you can detect if the remote is new or has been updated).

    So tried a second time, this time it did bring up the pop up after the remote was detected and sync was tried.  Get the previous windows permissions error then your new pop up with the download link, used that installed the "fix".

    Checked the services it does disable it correctly - some of the messages are kinda worrying, (I think deleting usb devices .. was a fun one to see).  When complete return to the app.  Remote is picked up, and could sync.

    Swapped remotes, picked up the second one ok, (as a fresh install) tried to skip past the setup which locked the app up, needed a restart to clear that. Came back to the blank second remote, imported the config ok.  Remote connects (doesn't offer a sync this time).  Swap them over again the app swaps to the other remote correctly.

    So looks like this is all working to fix the usb/logitech/steam issue.    Thanks for getting it included and working.

    Can I dare ask if there will be an update or a roadmap for the remote and things we can expect (no dates, or order) just so we can see what's hopefully coming at some point.  Just my remotes are still in their boxes waiting for some key changes and would be at least nice to know these are still planned and will appear at some point (time etc permitting).

    Happy to post or message you a list of what I'm hoping for and you can confirm yes/maybe/no if easier.


  3. 22 minutes ago, jason said:

    Now it just depends on Windows Universal App will allow me to run an escalated process that uses hidapi to communicate with the remote. It'll be a ton of work. So fucking stupid.

    Thank you so much for the quick feedback. I'm going to deploy a external windows app that users can run that auto-fixes all this bullshit for now until I can implement my entire USB stack outside the app and hope it works.

    No problem, just good timing on when you posted.

    I guess you expected the new app, to block the skip software from connecting, in a similar way that the logitech service does.  And I guess that proves you can grab sole control over the remote when they are plugged in without asking for extra permissions.

    Very happy to test any versions as you need (timezones permitting of course will depend on the speed of the answer).

    PS those commands I mentioned are one of the worst case options, next to doing it manually in the service panel, they just need sticking in a batch file (or run from a command prompt) as long as it has admin privileges - it will just stop and then block the service. 

  4. 18 minutes ago, jason said:

    I bought a mouse but can don't know why my windows 10 machine is not auto lauching that logitech service. I've also tried installing every damn version of logitech hub I can find...

    I need help, can someone with the issue please help. Can you start the logitech service that causes the problem. Unplug/plug the remote. Launch the SkipApp to see if the problem exists. Can you tell me if the following app is able to connect to the remote?

    Download here: Skip Sync

    If so, I will try one more method. Please, I'm at the mercy of your support since I can't reproduce this, and I can't progress with any features until this is solved and we've been working on it for 3 weeks.

    So quick test for you.

    Enabled the service checked the Skip app, fails. As expected.

    Run this app, get a small window, with disconnected, (percent bar 0% and load file).  Plug in the remote Disconnected changes to Connected.  Tried this with the service on Auto and Manual, - but running both times the same.  The service state does not change and is running all the time.  Just to confirm load up the Skip App on its own, and that can't connect.

    Out of insanity. with the service disabled. this app running, then start the skip app, that throws the warning message again and never connects... until I close this app and then Skip app connects to the remote without needing to be reloaded.

    So looks like you are onto something.  Hope the feedback helps.


  5. 13 hours ago, jason said:

    I may be able to detect the service and stop it manually... I'm trying to create an app for test. If anyone has some time today, I would love some help testing this approach. I can't reproduce this locally so am dependent on everyone's kindness and generosity with this.

    Sorry timezones and such make answering slow at times.. 

    Happy to test anything you have, but to be honest we have a solution, just add that to the faq.  Or give them a batch file that if run as admin stops the service and then disables it.  A quick test these are the lines people would need to run in a admin command prompt.

    net stop logi_lamparray_service
    sc config logi_lamparray_service start= disabled

    sc query logi_lamparray_service
    checks if its running.

    Still waking up, but could be thrown into a batch file, or I assume you can call this within an app.

    As said I think you have spent too much of your precious time fixing windows issues, to do much more than have a faq somewhere.  But if you have something happy to test and feedback.

  6. @jason Thanks for looking at this, and thanks to @Wesley for providing the platform to get to this stage.

    Can confirm the craziness I had all fixed by stopping the service.  No pop up asking for permissions each time which I guess is the big red flag for the future if people have problems.  Why these remotes are being picked up as a possible logitech device is strange for sure, 

    I just hope this confirmation and thanks, helps in some small degree.  And I do hope you can take a moment to relax and know people are thankful for your support.

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  7. 21 hours ago, jason said:


    i think you missed my link. Please try the following and please give me any and all logs. Go to preferences->accessibility. Then click the wrench and go to the admin panel and the logs tab. Open the folder and zip up and post the logs. But this version may work

    ** Edit **

    Also, can everyone in the thread experiencing this issue please open regedit and export the following branches for me: (save as type text files).


    That was the version I was using, and not sure what is going on as nothing connects correctly and will grab the logs, but I think starting a fresh and then take it one step at a time is the way to go.

    So clean install, sitting at the connect your flirc remote.. connect the remote... I get the Do you want to allow this app from unknown publisher to make changes, and the app is SkipDevice RestrictionBroker.exe (as I type this it prompts again). click yes....and nothing.  Close the app and get another prompt to make changes (its as if these changes are just not getting processed/allowed)

    On second attempt nothing, until I close the app then get prompted again.  The continue button never appears.  (tried both remotes)

    So using I'll do this later. I create a remote (Bottom left, not connected, Bottom middle,Gray-connecting...- remoting the remote changes this to offline)

    (At this point, its so annoying to need to create activities. vs being just able to import a backup, also why does it default to looking at Pictures folder)  Import previous remote setup (fine), export it (fine - still working with Live drive - thanks).

    So quit (get prompted for permissions again). Remote the remote, start the app, connect the remote... no prompt, not connection (stuck at connecting), when I close the app get the prompt up.

    Below are the logs (next post will be the registry)

    Skip Logs and Registry - 5-5-24.zip

  8. As I said earlier, happy to test this out, but for some reason never got a notification that the thread had updates (I've checked the follow topic again button again just in case I missed it last time).

    So I tried both apps listed and with the last version a single successful connection.... but since then nothing (maybe swapping remotes was an issue).  Often on closing the app I will get prompted about giving permissions vs when a remote is connected, again that's very random and maybe I've missed a key step with this new version.

    I'm also your worst nightmare, Steam and Logitech user all on Windows 11.

    But if you want anything testing, let me know what and what order the steps should be in.  Knowing windows, it's almost needing to reboot the pc for each test just to be sure nothing was left over from the last time the app was run.  And a very clear step guide on what to do (or not to do).

  9. 16 minutes ago, GreyFoxRTX said:

    Admin page in the app? Where is that?

    I don't have the pc open, but from memory, if you look in the bottom right corner there is a menu 3dot , in there go into settings and you should have an option to enable the admin tab. 


  10. I don't know if this helps but feels related to the same issue.  As I posted in Feb, since the last few version prior something changed and the software does not connect any more (yes steam is installed and this is windows 11).

    Just tried 0.9.965.7443, same thing.  Things of note.

    If I start the application with the remote already attached I get a Windows UAC dialog asking to approve when the software loads, but then then it sits there connecting.... for ever.. If I remove it and connect the remote nothing, no prompt for UAC, no connection.

    If I go into the admin page in the app and use the select device and connect, the connection icon briefly tries, and then I get error 500 reported back.

    If the app is loaded and the remote (first time only) is connected, initially I never got a dialog, but after restarting the app after updating, and repeating the steps so I could to write this now it's working.

    Also if you don't agree or disagree to the UAC it does prompt again...sometimes.

    Swapping between the two remotes I have, makes no difference and doesn't change anything.

    I'm happy to help test any code, as its as equally frustrated as I backed this and the two remotes are still not in use, as waiting for other features to appear (naturally these are  held up by this issue).

  11. 10 minutes ago, Oliver Kötter said:

    Isn't it even possible to import a config directly from the remote on a fresh app install?

    Currently, you have to name the remote, then if you skip the add activity then you should be able to import.  It worked to the point of having the activities all present... just with the device not connecting I can't confirm if it would push to the remote, but everything looks and suggests it should.

    But I guess that's my point, it would be nice to be able to plug in a remote, and the app, checks if its factory fresh or has been used.  If used then offers and extra options for a fresh install or import a configuration file (it would be amazingly useful if it could download from the remote the config as well, but experience with esp's would suggest that could be much harder that it sounds).

  12. So I updated to the current beta on my Windows 11 pro machine, and tried to connect a remote, and just never connected.  Long story short, looks like I have hit the same bug with SkipDeviceRestrictionBroker.exe and steam reported elsewhere.  Which is odd as steam has always been around, and was fine the last time programmed them, so confused.

    I always tried to backup the remotes, so it was the 0.9.954 versions as that was the first time the livedrive issue was resolved (and it sill fixed).

    So I will look over the not detected post, and see if any of that helps me or I can add any additional info.

    Now having done some re-installs on Windows 11 to get to this point, a couple of minor observations.

    Firstly it would be useful if on initial setup, the app, could check if the remote is blank or has a config (or just asks). So you get a choice if you want to import an exported config or to start a fresh.

    Also when you import remote settings.   Two oddities here.
    1) on a fresh install, it defaults to pictures not documents.
    2) when you import a remote, all good it appears, but if you have multiple remotes, you cannot import the second one, without connecting it to the pc.  Would be good if when you import a configuration that it asks if you want to add it to this remote, or create a new remote.

    These remotes only come out for testing updates (as still not family friendly for me), on the off chance some of the features in the pending list have been applied, like how activity switching is done, and additional code space in the colour/dial menu and the most important now is the play/pause where its a different key with some devices.

  13. @jason  Hadn't heard anything, so today I randomly unpacked the remotes from their boxes and tried the current beta (0.9.954), and export works, it does what it should, produces a have a file for the remote, and the app doesn't crash anymore.

    Hopefully this was a planned changed, but seeing things have been quite here, I don't for sure if this is intentional fix or accidental, or even something MS fixed!

    But providing feedback, just so you are aware something has changed for the better.

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  14. So repeated the test just loaded the app, checked where the logs where, and then did the export.

    Get this from the new crash system (same I think as before).


    System.InvalidCastException: No such interface supported

       at System.Runtime.InteropServices.McgMarshal.ThrowOnExternalCallFailed(Int32, RuntimeTypeHandle) + 0x21
       at __Interop.ComCallHelpers.Call(__ComObject, RuntimeTypeHandle, Int32, Void*) + 0xbe
       at __Interop.ForwardComStubs.Stub_6[TThis, TArg0](__ComObject, TArg0, Int32) + 0x5a
       at Windows.Storage.CachedFileManager.DeferUpdates(IStorageFile) + 0x33
       at SkipApp.FilePicker.<>c__DisplayClass10_0.<<Save>b__0>d.MoveNext() + 0x4e4
    --- End of stack trace from previous location where exception was thrown ---
       at System.Runtime.ExceptionServices.ExceptionDispatchInfo.Throw() + 0x21
       at System.Runtime.CompilerServices.AsyncMethodBuilderCore.<>c.<ThrowAsync>b__7_0(Object) + 0x1e
       at System.Action`1.Invoke(T) + 0x28
       at System.Threading.WinRTSynchronizationContext.Invoker.InvokeCore() + 0x33

    and attached is today's logs.

    If I do this to any other directory (not in the sync) or even another drive its fine.



    Tried this again, but watching the log file, the specific error line to check is:
    09:19:18 <4> #ExceptionHandler C:\buildkite-agent\builds\Flirc-Windows-2\flirc-inc\remote-application\desktop\windows\SkipApp\App.xaml.cs:233 Exception caught: No such interface supported

    Hope that helps

  15. I've mentioned this one before, where if you export a remote settings, to a OneDrive directory (Microsoft cloud service, that sync's a directory to the cloud and makes it available across any device that you are logged in with), it closes the app.  With the new error checking in this version (nice) and it throws an error below.  I hope that is as useful as it capturing it.  

    I have tried this on a very early version on a Mac (well when the app worked on that mac), and didn't have any issues.    On the windows machine the directory is located in I think the stock location for windows under c:\users\name\OneDrive  (where name = logged in users name).  In all attempts, a zero length file is written (or overwritten if it already exists after a prompt to confirm).  I'll do some more testing and post with any further findings, now we have a way to get errors to see if its the same.

    Saving to a regular non cloud sync'd (by OneDrive) works fine.

    System.InvalidCastException: No such interface supported

       at System.Runtime.InteropServices.McgMarshal.ThrowOnExternalCallFailed(Int32, RuntimeTypeHandle) + 0x21
       at __Interop.ComCallHelpers.Call(__ComObject, RuntimeTypeHandle, Int32, Void*) + 0xbe
       at __Interop.ForwardComStubs.Stub_6[TThis, TArg0](__ComObject, TArg0, Int32) + 0x5a
       at Windows.Storage.CachedFileManager.DeferUpdates(IStorageFile) + 0x33
       at SkipApp.FilePicker.<>c__DisplayClass10_0.<<Save>b__0>d.MoveNext() + 0x4e4
    --- End of stack trace from previous location where exception was thrown ---
       at System.Runtime.ExceptionServices.ExceptionDispatchInfo.Throw() + 0x21
       at System.Runtime.CompilerServices.AsyncMethodBuilderCore.<>c.<ThrowAsync>b__7_0(Object) + 0x1e
       at System.Action`1.Invoke(T) + 0x28
       at System.Threading.WinRTSynchronizationContext.Invoker.InvokeCore() + 0x33

  16. @Nathan 

    Thanks for the reply.   When starting out will mailing lists, it's hard to get the first ones right, that fit with you and your customers (takes a few goes).

    One thought that might make life easier, just give a brief summary in the email and then link to the respective posts for the details, then MailChimp will give you stats on what links people open from the email, not just if they got the message (and maybe opened if they allow loading of external content).

    I've mentioned this before I'm a fan of regular updates (even just monthly).  As then it's expected and Vs not knowing if you an email got lost or what it just nothing happened.

    I hope that helps and do look forward to seeing what comes out.

    Good luck


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  17. @Nathan @jason

    Guys just wondering if this email list is being used at all (I've had zip via it).  And can't find anything here about updates and what they might have fixed.

    I really do understand and appreciate the size of your team, and what you are doing, but even one update a month would be helpful.  Nothing long, just a very quick summary of what's changed, fixed, or even broken, and maybe even a vague what might be happening next month.

    Just something to know things are still occurring and it's not a dead product.

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  18. Ok I'm glad it wasn't me, and sorry to cause some head scratching.

    I hope this style of feedback is useful.  I am sure it might appear frustrated at times, ultimately it's an attempt to help, and hopefully offering different "1 mile high" view of things.  It's certainly shared with the goal to help and improve things.

    For sure this is a complex beastie to create, an all singing and dancing remote, with a UI to match (and you have set the bar high due to the quality of the physical product).   This then all then needs to work for everyone, no matter previous experience.

    I know UI design is hard, as we see with the first gen of Harmony's (which I used).  That UI was horrible, and had weird places to make changes, and if you don't use it for a while you spend ages trying to remember where a tweak was, but they had some good ideas in there.  Their activities system was at the time, different to the rest, and for some of us it makes more sense separating the powering devices from switching between devices.

    The management of the databases, flirc supplied files, and user files will come together I'm sure, certainly need to either work out some logic to state which files will override which - or maybe it's just easier to list them all, but have an indicator/icon next to the name when you are selecting a remote to show where its from (db, flirc, user).

    Sorry to add another thing to the list and thanks for all you are trying to do.

  19. Thanks for confirming that.

    I will say it's confusing.  Opens up all the questions about version control, which is used and appears in the system, as in this case I got two, one that seem to combine the class and was not working, and the one I wanted to use.

    Maybe if you can't delete them, the option should be to 'disable', with a different icon, and ideally sticks between sessions.  

    At least then there is a clear indication which are user created Vs ones that are supplied.

    I know this is in the debug side of things, but it's a ultra useful feature that with learning coming at some point, which I'd assume and hope saves to these separate files (to aid removal of it doesn't work and sharing with the community when it works).

    Anyways thanks for clarifying.

  20. Adding that file, I see that the entry changes in the Brands list (and if deleted the old audio one returns). 

    Clearing & creating the activity (as before), I now see that under TV (as per the file) there are two entries, under TV.  Applied this the second one (see below for).  Checked in FLIRC app, and it now sends out an IR code.  Then checked it with the TV and that works.  So excellent news that file is working fine.

    So I double checked the process as I saw that oddity and wanted to reproduce it.  So I removed the file, restart the app, the old audio device re-appears in the brands list, but interestingly now I tried to add it again it did not want to import the file initially, tried this a couple of times (restarting the app etc) and finally it imported again and when I look at the model list, I have two entries under tv for the remote.   One listed as "Audio, TV, Misc" and the second one just as "TV, Misc".

    I assigned each to a different activity, the one listed as Audio, TV, Misc the Enter key failed.  But the one listed TV, Misc, worked as ok (which I think is the one from the file, and guessing the app is getting confused with the original Audio device and some how adding/combining the remotes?)

    So from the point of view of having a working set of codes the download in your last post - works - many thanks we got there.   The process to get it in, and the oddities that appear after is strange.  Happy to do any further testing if you want a scripted set of tests done. to reproduce this oddity.

  21. And that is how I was doing it, I even deleted the activity, and created it fresh that doesn't work.  So I have now, deleted all activities on the remote (sync'd).  Reset the remote settings, then sync'd.  Then deleted the remote totally from the app.

    The restarted the app, with the remote connected.  Named it.  Then created an activity, added the device, under TV brands, there is No remote, So selected Audio where its available.  Clicked continue (repeat) and finally sync.  Checked the cursor enter was assigned.  Closed the Skip app, dIsconnected the remote, turned on your flirc app, with the debug turned on, pressed the button and nothing.  Checking other keys they all send IR codes this one doesn't work.  

    I have re-installed the app, to get the previous release, and the code in the brands section is the same, as in this latest version, and as I have said before and asked to be changed, its still listed in the Audio section and not as a TV.  So it all feels like the update has not included the changes you have made and I guess is working for you.

    As a side note.  and beyond the need to make this update of IR codes, easier to do - the delete process within Brands doesn't work.  You can delete one or all of them, restart the app and they are there again.

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