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  1. Does the new Flirc store the IR codes the same way, or would it be possible to use to dump remote commands as some were asking previously? I see it has arm, and looks like it's able to store more codes than before. with an Arm proc can it be it's own computers? hehe Will the beta software for the new flirc be a full replacement? meaning would you like testers for previous flirc devices as well? I still have the old ones and would like to test the new software to help if you would need that. Also, seeing you have a Black Friday special coming up I may just pick up the new one to help support you anyway.
  2. Congratulations Jason!! That is a huge step. I definitely support you in my small way, and am pleased to see how you're working on taking care of people when you know about your time constraints. Wish you the best of luck with this new product, and the growth of the company!
  3. I would actually think it will work anyway without a repeater and you should try that first. FLIRC is quite sensitive and can respond to reflected IR signals. If that doesn't work I'd go with a usb extension cable or even a hub if you happen to have one of those it could provide additional functionality for the fire tv too.
  4. Per this linked thread below it looks like it's Left-windows key, left-alt-key, and Enter key
  5. it might be part of the power off settings for Flirc when you use another activity? You could try relearning keys, using a different profile or adding flirc to your other activities so it doesn't turn off. Just some thoughts hard to say what the exact issue is from just that. What profile are you using on the harmony? are any of the devices a similar brand?
  6. I just loaded up Flirc on my win 10 test box to see what happened and it doesn't look like the flirc Gui was recognizing my device, flirc_util.exe did list keys like you are stating so it could just be a gui issue for win 10. Regli, Did you ever get any response in win 10 from the remote, is it just these commands that aren't working? I'm curious about the sequence modifiers setting too, but are you able to configure, test and use it on a win 7 install and then test just how it reacts in win 10? Just some things to think about. also, if there is a new GUI or more to test I'd be open to running it through a few paces
  7. Awesome, I have a feeling that my Flirc case might make it to the new Rpi 2 I just ordered, or do I need another case? wouldn't want the B+ to be naked.... hmm decisions decisions. This was definitely one of the first things I looked up with the announcement, great news, glad you got to test it already too!
  8. So out of curiosity, do these codes overlap? Like would xbmc (Kodi) up = firetv up? I can see benefits to storage space on the flirc to combine them, but also benefits to having 100% unique codes if there were multiple flircs in the same house and only having the one you want to respond. they are pretty sensitive =)
  9. I have a harmony and that one remote can control all of my Home theater equipment. It wasn't able to control the fire TV before the Flirc though. If I had bought a wmc remote that may have worked, but it could have interfered with my xbox which uses similar commands. The benefit of the Flirc is it's flexibility. When paired with a Harmony or other universal remote you have added flexibility in one control device. With a universal (or extra nonconflicting) remote and the Flirc you an pretty much configure your setup however you like. Harmony and URC are excellent for ease of use and "macros", but even a budget $9 universal remote could get similar effects depending on your setup and goals. Is there a particular goal you have in mind? We may be able to help you with that, but a TV will always respond to it's own remote. That's one part of the equation you can't really change without completely covering the TV's IR port.
  10. If you have two devices within ir sight of the remote set to do an action based on the same key press they will both react as they are programmed. You don't have to record volume if it is controlled by TV or you can teach flirc with unused remote or unused buttons
  11. I mentioned using the Roku profile on my Harmony, and it definitely acts a little odd as I've mentioned, but so far I think I'm an edge case user so if addressing Roku remote profiles doesn't solve other problems, or at least make your code more robust, I hope it's low on the priority list =) Actually it's quite impressive to have a product where a one man show is able to interact with single user requests as much as you've done already. So here's a small keep up the good work to let you know it's not going unnoticed.
  12. I like the idea of a built in profile to help it be more plug and play for some users, but i see Yawor's point. It might be nice to have the option of choosing or unselecting some profiles and adding others. If that's "built in" or "user made" or a combination I think the flexibility would be nice if it's something that could be programmed in.
  13. Jason, this is similar to what I've seen since your new firmware update that reduced repeat keys I don't have keys repeat even when holding the buttons on my device (I did have occasional doubles before). I'm that edge case using a roku profile on my harmony if you want to test that, or want me to do some tests. For me interkey delay of 0 3 or 6 doesn't ever get me double presses or repeat keys (even when I want it by holding the button) though anymore.
  14. For the harmony profile in particular I would think it could almost be a drop down selection per button as it's a code that is known to flirc for built in profiles, it could at least say what the "name" of the button is per the harmony profile, but that may not coincide directly with how it's programmed for different harmony remotes, still could help in some cases perhaps.
  15. I have had issues with this forum and IE 11, I think it depends on the versions of the forum software, you could try a different browser or compatibility mode to see if that helps in the mean time. I've definitely switched browsers for this forum before.
  16. Wasn't using Xbox launcher just the flirc profile for my harmony and built in profile in the flirc gui. The standard sleep button should work though if you record it to any key in the remote and flirc gui and set it up in the power down settings for your harmony activity Power on can be other buttons but im not sure if firedTV takes any over. I would try home or menu to wake and see how it works.
  17. I mean I used the flirc xbmc profile for the harmony remote. it has a power off button, that is what I use to make the device sleep. the device happens to be rooted, but you can load xbmc without rooting, and it doesn't really have any affect on powering on or off.
  18. I think just about any input wakes it and the standard sleep works to shut it down. I have the xbmc power off command using the harmony profile and it shuts the firetv down (sleep) to wake you could record home or menu etc.
  19. Some remotes send alternating keypresses to help handle repeats etc. It looks like that's what your seeing so, recording the button twice should work properly as it's basically 2 different IR codes being recorded as far as the FLIRC sees even though it's only one button on the remote.
  20. It looks like this works for me, but I have had success with it programmed as esc too. Not sure why I'm not seeing the errors others are, but I just now confirmed that the new firmware return key also works on both XBMC Gotham and Kodi Helix for me.
  21. The sale was also on this site, did you check here for better shipping rates?
  22. So I'd like to help test this firmware as I have a firetv, but I'm not sure I'm seeing the same issues. Is everyone that sees an issue using Kodi? I am still on XBMC Gotham, and actually from my tests it appears to be working. It could be that I'm testing different functions though. Can someone share the steps to reproduce the issues they are seeing and we are talking about the back/return button (the button to the left of the home button on the fire tv remote) right? Is the issue only when playing a media file? I have my device set up with dvr and the recordings seemed to back out one step at a time using the buttons I had previously recorded . If I'm testing properly and it works in gotham, but not in Kodi that's fine, i'll probably just confirm the new firmware works on gotham then upgrade.
  23. Once you set your harmony up with the XBMC profile you can still customize how any of the buttons act in the Flirc Gui. The remote just has to have some key mapped to that button so that it sends a signal. The Flirc can then assign that to any action in the GUI. The XBMC profile is nice for XBMC users that want most default keys mapped without having to use the Flirc gui, but it can still be customized. For example the info button if you don't care about seeing the info, could be mapped to a different key combination like with key modifiers to do the shortcuts you are talking about by using the Flirc gui to record that action and button.
  24. not sure how to be certain, but looks like backspace per: http://kodi.wiki/view/Alternative_keymaps_for_Fire_TV_remote
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