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  1. @DocG - thanks. I'll try a 1.5mm pad and some stress tests to see how it works! Edit: Picked up a T-Flex 15mmx15mmx1.5mm pad off of ebay. It fully covered the cpu. I sanded off the paint on the post to expose the aluminum and gave it a shot. Although the pad may have been touching the post slightly, I was unconvinced that there was good contact since the board still rocked out pretty easily. So I took a rotary tool to the four screw posts to shorten then up a bit, reinstalled the board and was reasonably pleased there was contact between the pad and the post. Some stress numbers Ambient ~ 64F ~ 18C Idle 29.3C 1 thread 32.6C 2 34.7C 3 36.9C 4 38.8C So about 2.2 degC per loaded core and better overall performance.
  2. Just a follow up - I received my Pi 2 today and already had my Flirc case. The board fits fine in the case, but it did not appear as if the thermal pad made contact with the heatsink post at all. The board easily rocked out of the case when I turned it on its side suggesting that there was not adhesion to the pad at all. Also as DocG noted, the post is noticeably off center. For now, I removed the pad an am just running the board in the case. EDIT: Without the thermal pad contact, temps run a little hotter (as one might expect with less air circulation and no direct thermal transfer). My unscientific measurements: In Case Alone (68F room) Idle 40-42C 38C 1 busy core 45C 44C 2 50C 49C 3 55C 54C 4 60C 57.5C
  3. Thanks Jason. Any thoughts/observations on yawor's comment as to the height of the CPU off of the board and the thickness of the thermal pad? I don't recall the thickness of the pad in the case that I already received.
  4. I have Flirc's Pi case for my Model B+ and really love the product. I've noticed that for the newly announced Pi 2, the Broadcom chip appears slightly larger, although in the same location on the board. Any thoughts on thermal issues if the Pi Case's aluminum heat sink only covers a majority, but not the entire surface of the chip? I'm guessing no, but I thought I'd ask. :)
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